The L Word: Generation Q

Aired: Dec 08, 2019 , Sunday at 22:00 on Showtime

New Series

Episode Summary: Ten years after we last left them, we find Bette running for mayor of Los Angeles; Shane as she returns to the city after a setback; and Alice learning to balance co-parenting with her fiancee Nat and Nat's ex-wife Gigi and the rising success of her talk show. We meet PR exec Dani Nunez, her girlfriend and TV producer Sophie Suarez, their best friend and roo more
...mmate Micah Lee, and the charming former Olympic swimmer-turned-assistant, (Sarah) Finley.
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'The L Word: Generation Q' Review: More Like Generation Who-Is-This-for-Exactly?

For a certain generation of lesbians, queer women, and queers with vulvas who don’t identify as women, “The L Word” was — to put it mildly — the most personally significant piece of pop culture of the last 20 years. Speaking solely for myself (I fall into the latter camp), discovering the comic melodrama about a group of attractive lesbians living in Los Angeles in the mid-aughts was a revelation. I can still remember driving back from my local video store, cradling the DVDs in my la... more

'The L Word': Nobody Rocks a Power Suit and Cufflinks Like Jennifer Beals

Shane may be the resident heartthrob of “The L Word,” but no character more embodies Showtime’s Los Angeles-set lesbian melodrama than Bette Porter. Accomplished, stubborn, magnetic, and self-destructive, Bette instantly became the archetypical 21st century “power dyke.” She fills out a Jil Sander power suit as confidently as she tops her pregnant wife; casually drops names of the myriad women artists in her private collection; and now — added to her resume for the show’s... more

'The L Word: Generation Q's' Fortune Feimster on How 'The L Word' Inspired Her Coming Out

As the iconic “L Word” returned to the small screen in the form of a new spinoff titled “The L Word: Generation Q,” with a premiere celebration at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on Monday night, stand-up comedian and actress Fortune Feimster shared why joining the cast meant more than just a new job.  “When the show came out originally, I was still in the closet. I remember ... more


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