The Kids Are Alright

Aired: Jan 15, 2019 , Tuesday at 20:30 on ABC

New Series

Episode Summary: Against Peggy's wishes, Frank secretly helps design a set for a musical in which Timmy is performing. Feeling jealous of all the positive attention Frank is getting for his work, Timmy devises a plan which forces Frank to admit his involvement on set, but Timmy's scheming backfires. Meanwhile, Mike grows increasingly concerned that Joey is heading down a sha more
...dy moral path with all his wheeling and dealing, and decides to teach him a lesson.
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The Kids Are Alright's Michael Cudlitz Talks Twd, Southland, Lost and More

A mention of 21 Jump Street might make you think of Johnny Depp’s first big TV gig, or maybe of the big-screen adaptation that followed decades later. But for The Kids Are Alright star Michael Cudlitz, Jump Street brings to mind one thing: a bakery box full of his unmentionables. The late 1980s Fox drama was Cudlitz’s first acting job, he tells TVLine, and he booked the role of Dennis Richards right as the episod... more


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