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Set in the 1970s, this ensemble comedy follows a traditional Irish-Catholic family, the Clearys, as they navigate big and small changes during one of America's most turbulent decades. In a working-class neighborhood outside Los Angeles, Mike and Peggy raise eight boisterous boys who live out their days with little supervision. The household is turned upside down when oldest son more
... Lawrence returns home and announces he's quitting the seminary to go off and "save the world." Times are changing and this family will never be the same. There are ten people, three bedrooms, one bathroom and everyone in it for themselves.
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The Kids Are Alright Episode Guide | TVBuzer

The Kids Are Alright Episode Guide



  • Season 1
    • Irish Goodbye
      Episode 23
      Peggy struggles with Lawrence's decision to move out of the house; Timmy can't find his ventriloquist dummy, Knuckles, and learns that Joey ...
    • Whales
      Episode 22
      After learning that donations are down at her church, Peggy grows concerned that the cutbacks will affect the nursing home where she is secr...
    • Mike's Award
      Episode 21
      Peggy's competitive side kicks in and she decides to get Mike into the limelight; Joey acts as Timmy's manager to make sure he performs his ...
    • 04/30/19
      Peggy discovers that Timmy has a newfound and inappropriate hobby and urges Mike to talk to him about it; Mike tries to talk to Timmy about ...
    • 04/16/19
      Peggy manipulates William into joining the church choir to keep him engaged in Catholicism; Eddie and Joey are determined to get a hold of L...
    • 04/09/19
      When Peggy storms out of the house without explanation after a mishap at the grocery store, Mike enlists Wendi to help find her....
    • 03/26/19
      Timmy enters a contest to appear on a TV show and takes matters into his own hands when he doesn't hear back; Peggy takes a driving test to ...
    • Wendi's House
      Episode 16
      Mike and Peggy are sympathetic when Wendi's parents split up until Peggy realizes that Wendi's parents left her in the house alone, leaving ...
    • Nine Birthdays
      Episode 15
      Peggy's talent for reusing wax from old birthday candles to create new ones leads her to pursue candle-making work; Timmy is determined to g...
    • Happy Cecil
      Episode 14
      Mike and Peggy are stunned when they learn that Father Dunne has a girlfriend; Frank loses the church keys entrusted to him and must find th...
    • 02/12/19
      Peggy tries to trick Timmy into taking better care of his personal hygiene; Mike fears that Peggy's meddling is causing Timmy to develop ins...
    • Vietnam
      Episode 12
      The Clearys are conflicted when Lawrence and Eddie are drafted to serve in the Vietnam War. Although Eddie and Lawrence try to avoid going, ...
    • Mailbox
      Episode 11
      Eddie becomes distraught when Wendi breaks up with him over disagreements on how they want to handle their future. Meanwhile, Mike struggles...
    • Show Boat
      Episode 10
      Against Peggy's wishes, Frank secretly helps design a set for a musical in which Timmy is performing. Feeling jealous of all the positive at...
    • The Love List
      Episode 9
      The Cleary boys beg Peggy to tell them she loves them, so Peggy posts a ranked list of their names on the fridge in the hopes that someone w...
    • 12/11/18
      When Peggy's successful brother, Tom, drops in for Christmas, Mike immediately oozes with jealousy. After Tom gives the Clearys an extravaga...
    • Little Cyst
      Episode 7
      Mike and Peggy think they might be expecting again, but later Peggy is diagnosed with having a cyst instead. Meanwhile, the kids spy on Mike...
    • 11/27/18
      Mike comes to the conclusion that Eddie is being sexually active and takes it upon himself to give him enough advice to work things out. Lat...
    • Boxing
      Episode 5
      Frank announces he has decided to compete in the church boxing tournament. When Frank can't cut it, Timmy steps in and takes up boxing in or...
    • 11/13/18
      To hide a mess Eddie made, his girlfriend, Wendi, tries to distract Peggy by insisting she take a day off with a fun day out while they take...
    • Microwave
      Episode 3
      After Mike proudly introduces a new microwave to the Cleary household, Peggy immediately rejects it. Meanwhile, eager to see "everything" ex...
    • Timmy's Poem
      Episode 2
      Timmy decides to enter a poetry contest to win the money he needs to repair his ventriloquist dummy. Stumped, he decides to plagiarize a poe...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Lawrence, the prodigal eldest Cleary son, returns home from the seminary and breaks the news to his family that he's dropping out for good, ...
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