The Good Wife

Aired: May 08, 2016 , Sunday at 21:00 on CBS


Episode Summary: The series reaches its dramatic conclusion.
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Series Finale Does Alicia Get What She Wants in the End?

From Day One, The Good Wife pulled no punches. So it's no surprise that the show's creators have named the last episode simply "End." Yes, it's the end of a groundbreaking series. But it's also our last chance to learn where Alicia Florrick's journey has taken her -- and one of the tour guides might surprise you.A lot rides on a series finale. A great one seals a show's reputation for posterity. A bad or weak one tarnishes it. So after all the hype, has The Good Wife pulled off a winner? Let's find... more


I’m still speechless after The Good Wife Season 7 Episode 22. Well, I actually had quite a bit to say during the closing credits, but none of it is fit to write here.  What the hell was that? How could such a wonderful show with such an overall fantastic final episode end up being so completely unsatisfying? Because I enjoyed this series finale from the very beginning until the second to last minute, then it made me want to throw some... more



TV's Top 25 Episodes of the Decade

Before this decade, the idea of a network dropping an entire season on one day was not a serious one. Episodes aired week to week, occasionally back to back, and so it went — until streaming services made clear that they were willing to tread a different path. Suddenly, it seemed, TV’s release calendar featured more and more shows releasing a slew of episodes all at once, banking on keeping the audience’s attention with “bingeworthy” content. While exciting at first, this shift eventually started to flatten seaso... more

Will There Be a 'Psych' Reunion Soon?

The USA dramedy Psych had a huge following in its eight-season run and fans were devastated to see it go. The series followed Shawn Spencer (James Roday), a smooth talker who conned the police into hiring him on as a psychic, where he used his hyper-observation skills to solve crimes with his partner Gus (Dule Hill). Almost three years after the show came to a close, Dule Hill teases us with the possibility of a reunion. Find out all the details... more

10 Sexiest Female TV Characters of 2016

Television has been an outlet in 2016 to feature some of the most powerful and drop-dead gorgeous female characters we've ever seen. The year has seen some incredibly sexy women on TV, from their jaw-dropping good looks to the swagger with which they carry themselves. With more and more powerful women popping up all the time, the competition among these ladies has been especially stiff in 2016. Let's take a look back at 10 of the sexiest female characters we've gotten to watch on TV this year. 10. Rebecca Bunch, more




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