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Aired: Nov 14, 2019 , Thursday at 21:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: The group awaits the Judge's final decision on the fate of human existence.
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The Funeral to End All Funerals

The results are in on The Good Place Season 4 Episode 8.  Team Cockroach's experiment has come to a close and the judge is ready to reveal her ruling.  Are the results what they hoped? Or did the gang make an even bigger mess than before? As you probably know by now, the experiment was a success! Kind of.  Eleanor and her friends were able to prove that the point system was corrupt and that it was not an actual representation of human morality.  ... more



The Best Non-Netflix Shows on Netflix

It’s no secret that as a content producer, Netflix Originals have contributed heavily to the peak TV era. In fact, earlier this year the streaming behemoth announced a focus on originals to bank new subscribers. But that is far from all the platform does. In fact, in the sea of series on the service, there are more than a few licensed gems. Beloved classic series such as “Friends” and “Frasier” have seen second lives (and picked up quite a few new fans who were too young or — gasp — perhaps not even born yet a... more

Good Place's William Jackson Harper Breaks Down the Chidi-Centric Fall Finale...and Teases the Series Finale

Chidi finally has the answer… and we still have a lot of questions. Thursday’s fall finale of The Good Place focused on our favorite overly anxious ethics professor, with Chidi flashing back through his life on Earth and all of his rebooted afterlives as Michael put his brain through a “hard reset.” We learned a few key tidbits about Chidi’s backstory — at eight years old, he made an adorably sensible presentation to his fighting parents entitled... more

How The Golden Globes Celebrate Cinematic Television (Column)

When Martin Scorsese complains that a Marvel movie isn’t cinema, he’s not wrong. But his critique of the commercialism undergirding those movies is expressed in the language and tone of an old crank defending a fading novelty from some darned, degenerate kids. It’s not that the theatrical movie-going experience (so sacred!) is going away anytime soon. But it is in danger of becoming the equivalent of attending a live jazz show — something a small group of people do regularly, a slightly larger group of people do on special occasions, and... more


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