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Aired: Jan 23, 2020 , Thursday at 20:30 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Arriving at a new place, Michael receives an unexpected honor. Meanwhile, the rest of the group explores -- and learns a shocking truth.
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After years of building towards this point, Eleanor and her friends landed in the real Good Place on The Good Place Season 4 Episode 12.  But is it truly everything they hoped that it would be? As it turns out, even heaven comes with a catch.  Rather than overwhelming Eleanor and her friends with more lies, betrayals, and demons, the issues with the Good Place came from a very real and logical point of view.  The issue is that there are no issues.... more



Damon Lindelof Cried During 'The Good Place' Finale: 'It Ended Beautifully'

Damon Lindelof has been spiritually linked to NBC’s “The Good Place” since its launch in 2016. Not only did Drew Goddard, an alum of Lindelof’s “Lost,” direct the pilot and serve as an executive producer, but creator Mike Schur had turned to “The Leftovers” and “Watchmen” showrunner for advice on how to craft a serialized comedy tackling... more

Good Place Finale Secrets Revealed: Michael's Groovy Tune, Nick Offerman's Cameo, Jason's Perfect Score and More

Ready to climb aboard the Purple Train to Groovy City, The Good Place fans? You’ll be able to soon enough, you marshmallow cats. NBC’s afterlife comedy capped off a four-season run on Thursday with an extra-large series finale, and series creator Michael Schur and executive producer Drew Goddard revealed a slew of fun inside tidbits about the making of the episode to host/cast member Marc Evan Jackson on the official Good Place podcast. First and ... more

'BoJack Horseman' Season 6 Review: The Ending, The Best Episodes, and What It All Means - Spoilers

Even by Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s high referential standards, there are a lot of connections between the ending of “BoJack Horseman” and the beginning. In the first episode, BoJack eats cotton candy at a house party. In the finale, he eats cotton candy at Princess Carolyn’s wedding reception. Mr. Peanutbutter’s first in a long line of Erica jokes pays off in the finale with the sheer implication of Erica’s always-offscreen presence forming the punchline. The episode of &... more




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