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Aired: Oct 14, 2019 , Monday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: As a conspiracy theorist questions Dr. Neil Melendez's of his liver damage, Dr. Claire Brown treats a woman whose inability to feel pain is threatening both her marriage and her life. Meanwhile, Dr. Shaun Murphy and Dr. Aaron Glassman each face crises in their romantic relationships.
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Take My Hand

Morgan finally acted like a decent friend. She's generally annoying and selfish, but on  The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 4 she managed to put her ego aside for long enough to help Claire scatter her mother's ashes. Of course, that came on the heels of her minding Claire's business, but still. For Morgan, this was excellent progress. Claire's desire not to feel pain, minus Morgan's demands to know why dovetailed nicely with their case. It was understandable... more



The Good Doctor Recap: Fear and Objectivity — Plus, Morgan's Big Secret

This week on The Good Doctor, Shaun and Carly deal with intimacy issues, Lim and Melendez’s interpersonal squabbling worsens, and Morgan discloses a life-changing secret. At the beginning of “Moonshot,” Shaun and Carly’s amusement park date culminates at her place. They make their way up to her bedroom, where she begins to unbutton his shirt. Carly asks if he’s ready to lie down with her because she’s ready, and she’s done everythi... more

The Good Doctor Recap: Have Lim and Melendez Reached a Breaking Point?

This week on The Good Doctor, tension builds between Drs. Lim and Melendez. Can their personal relationship withstand their professional one? Episode 7 marks a breaking point for the couple — though the words “we should break up” are never said out loud. We pick up the morning after Melendez lost pregnant patient Patricia Fields. Lim tells her boyfriend that what happened to Patricia was not his fault. “She knew the risks, and she made a choice to save her baby,&... more

Good Doctor Recap: Sorry, Not Sorry

This week on The Good Doctor, Shaun’s poor communication skills put both his residency and his relationship with Carly at risk. After forfeiting his first chance as lead surgeon for the betterment of a patient, Lim assigns Shaun an appendectomy. During the procedure, Shaun asks Nurse Hawkes for a straight clamp. When she hands it to him not at a 45-degree angle, but at an angle that he deems “inefficient,” he refuses to take the clamp from her and asks that s... more


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