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Aired: Dec 02, 2019 , Monday at 22:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: Shaun visits his father on his deathbed and the family reunion reveals unexpected results. Melendez, Park, Reznick and Claire treat an injured star NFL player with severe spinal damage. Claire addresses her mental health.
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Friends and Family

Ugh. Just when it seemed we were safe from a possible Lea/Shaun 2.0 ship, The Good Doctor Season 3 Episode 10 went there. It's great that Lea was able to calm Shaun down when he was having an Autism-related meltdown, but can we not? Shaun's relationship struggles with Carly have been one of the strongest aspects of The Good Doctor Season 3 so far, but now it seems that Carly is going to be the losing leg of an unnecessary love triangle. Lea was the one who S... more



The Good Doctor Ep David Shore on Shaun's Devastating Family Reunion, His Relationship With Lea and More

The Good Doctor‘s Shaun was an absolute wreck at the close of Monday’s fall finale — and it was Lea, not Carly, who was there to embrace him in his time of need. In “Friends and Family,” Lea and Glassman accompanied Shaun on a trip to visit his estranged, ailing father Ethan (Battlestar Galactica vet Michael Trucco) and eventually chose to forgive him for his myriad shortcomings. But in their last interaction, a seemingly remorseful Ethan showed hi... more

Good Doctor Ep David Shore Weighs in on Shaun's Struggles With Intimacy and Claire Hitting 'Rock Bottom'

The Good Doctor took two steps forward and one giant step back in the penultimate episode of 2019, as Shaun attempted to conquer his lingering fear of intimacy. At the start of “Incomplete,” Shaun marched right into the pathology lab with flowers for Carly and told her that he was ready to have sex. Later, he admitted that the thing that scares him the most is the possibility that he’ll wind up alone if he is unable to combat his anxiety. Carly took Shaun’s hand ... more

The Good Doctor Fall Finale First Look: Shaun Confronts His Estranged Parents

The Good Doctor is closing out its fall run with a monumental family reunion: Michael Trucco (Battlestar Galactica) and Joanna Going (Kingdom) have been cast as Shaun’s long-estranged parents, Ethan and Marcie Murphy — and TVLine has your exclusive first look at their debut. In the ABC drama’s fall finale, air... more


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