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Before there were parenting blogs, trophies for showing up and peanut allergies, there was a simpler time called the '80s. For geeky 11-year-old Adam, these were his wonder years, and he faced them armed with a video camera to capture all the crazy.
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The Goldbergs Episode Guide


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AIRED ON February 24,2021

Season 8: Episode 12

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Season 8: Episode 13


  • Season 8
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 03/03/21 AT 08:00 PM ON ABC

      The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 13: Mr. Ships Ahoy | TVBuzer
      Mr. Ships Ahoy
      Episode 13
      As William Penn's new Quaker Warden, Beverly is thrilled to have co-workers for the first time and sets out to make them all love her. To he...

      The Goldbergs Season 8 Episode 12: The Lasagna You Deserve | TVBuzer
      Beverly enlists the help of Barry and Erica to teach Adam to be more assertive, but Adam feels guilty after taking it too far. Meanwhile, Mu...
    • Quaker Warden
      Episode 11
      After realizing how little time Adam has left at William Penn, a sentimental Beverly decides to get more involved at the school, to Adam and...
    • 02/03/21
      When Beverly realizes that she and Murray are not quite as in sync as they once were after a game night with the very-much-in-love Dolores a...
    • Cocoon
      Episode 9
      Beverly enlists the help of Erica, who has recently declared pre-law as her major, to sue her cookbook publisher after finding her book in t...
    • Inspired by his obsession, Adam helps Beverly plan a murder mystery party for the family. Meanwhile, Erica, tasked with declaring her major,...
    • 12/02/20
      Pop-Pop surprises the family with an ill-advised winter cruise to Canada, while Erica stirs up holiday trouble at home....
    • Eracism
      Episode 6
      Adam sets out to create a movie that will tackle racism but realizes he is out of his depth on the subject due to his sheltered upbringing. ...
    • Dee-Vorced
      Episode 5
      Beverly's meddling in Adam's relationship with Brea leads to a confrontation with her divorced mother, Vicki. Meanwhile, Barry struggles to ...
    • 11/04/20
      Bill is getting married and Beverly and Jane have only 24 hours to plan it. Meanwhile, a fortune teller at the wedding reception could chang...
    • 10/28/20
      Geoff and Erica come to a point in the relationship where they realize they are in different places in college; and Geoff makes an important...
    • Adam returns to William Penn Academy as a senior and wrestles with the fact that he is a cool kid and no longer a nerd while his original fr...
    • Airplane!
      Episode 1
      Beverly surprises the family with an end-of-summer vacation to Miami with the flight down resembling the classic film, and Geoff accidentall...
  • Season 7
    • Pretty in Pink
      Episode 23
      Adam and Brea decide to go to prom together, but when Adam worries he won't be Prom King, Beverly's actions jeopardize the event. Barry teac...
    • The Fake-Up
      Episode 22
      Adam and Brea's relationship is going well until Beverly's over-involvement causes them to fake a breakup. Meanwhile, Lainey is back in Jenk...
    • Oates & Oates
      Episode 21
      While throwing a telethon at their college to raise money for Earth Day, Barry attempts to woo Ren when he overpromises he can get Hall & Oa...
    • Business rival and nemesis "Formica" Mike attempts to make an offer Murray can't refuse by buying Ottoman Empire. Meanwhile, Adam offers Ms....
    • Island Time
      Episode 19
      Erica, Barry, Geoff and the gang go on a spring break trip and things don't go as expected; Adam questions if college is for him when his te...
    • 03/25/20
      Beverly buys a bicycle for Adam just like the one from "Pee Wee's Big Adventure"; Barry and Erica turn Murray's furniture store into an afte...
    • A Fish Story
      Episode 17
      Adam and Murray don't want to go on a camping trip, so father and son create a film faking it; Erica joins an all-girl a cappella group and ...
    • Body Swap
      Episode 16
      Adam is torn between following Beverly's rules when it comes to off-campus lunch or going to the mall food court with his friends. Meanwhile...
    • 02/19/20
      A big party is being thrown at Dave Kim's house and Pops has a plan to make Adam cool for the big event. Meanwhile, Beverly's cookbook has m...
    • Preventa Mode
      Episode 14
      When Erica and Barry receive the same grade in class, Erica knows something's up and finds out something very interesting about her brother....
    • 01/29/20
      Adam questions his career path of filmmaking when "the other Adam" moves back from Los Angeles and warns him making it big in Hollywood isn'...
    • Game Night
      Episode 12
      Geoff struggles to keep his living arrangement with Erica and Barry a secret from Beverly during game night. Adam goes to his guidance teach...
    • Pickleball
      Episode 11
      Beverly discovers Murray is actually a year younger than they knew so she plans a do-over at celebrating his 50th birthday, while Coach Mell...
    • 12/11/19
      Hoping to outdo the Kremp family, Beverly decides the Goldbergs must do an even better family holiday card, but Geoff is surprised he is not...
    • Beverly is approached by a publishing company for her cookbook, but they don't like how she writes, so Adam must rewrite her work. Meanwhile...
    • Angst-Giving
      Episode 8
      Beverly's patience with Pop Pop is put to the test due to his endless Thanksgiving demands, but she is able to put aside her own feelings to...
    • WrestleMania
      Episode 7
      Murray decides to buy WrestleMania tickets to spend time with Barry and Adam, but he buys fake tickets so they can't get in. Meanwhile, Beve...
    • 10/30/19
      Beverly scores a bargain on four paintings. Once they make it home, she and Adam determine something supernatural is causing them to be dest...
    • 10/23/19
      While at school, Erica attempts to fool Beverly into thinking Parents Weekend has been rescheduled to Parents Thursday so the family won't a...
    • Animal House
      Episode 4
      Barry decides to rush a fraternity, but it doesn't quite work out as he expects. Meanwhile, Beverly and Murray find themselves getting close...
    • 10/09/19
      Inspired by Murray's love of sandwiches, Geoff starts a food delivery service aptly named Food in a Geoffy. But he quickly learns running a ...
    • Dana's Back
      Episode 2
      Adam gets a surprise from his past... Dana returns to William Penn! Meanwhile, Barry and Erica are finally off to college, until they realiz...
    • Vacation
      Episode 1
      Beverly insists the family take a road trip to go on vacation to Disneyland before Erica and Barry go off to college; Erica worries about he...
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