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The lives of an ordinary suburban family change course forever when they discover their children have developed mutant powers. When the threat of a hostile government forces the family to go on the run to protect themselves, they join the ranks of an underground network of mutants. Together, the group fight to survive in a world where fear and misunderstanding put them at const more
...ant risk.
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THE GIFTED Season 2 Episode 2 Photos unMoored

Thunderbird contacts a mutant lawyer who recruited him to the Underground years ago, hoping she can help him find the Inner Circle. Lauren and Andy have a shared dream, which distracts Andy from his training and prompts Reeva to consider cutting her losses with him, which, in turn, makes Andy second-guess his separation from his sister. Meanwhile, Reed must keep a huge secret from the group and Jace picks up the mutants’ trail again in the all-new “unMoored” episode of THE GIFTED airing Tuesday, Oct. 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GIF-20... more Comments

THE GIFTED Season 2 Episode 1 Photos eMergence

THE GIFTED Season 2 Episode 1 Photos eMergence- Produced in association with Marvel Television, and set in the “X-Men” universe, family adventure series THE GIFTED tells the emotional story of a suburban couple whose ordinary lives are rocked by the sudden discovery that their teenage children possess mutant powers. Forced to go on the run from a hostile government, the family seeks help from an underground network of mutants and must fight to survive. The series stars Stephen Moyer (“Shots Fired,” “True Blood”),... more Comments

Grace Byers Joins THE GIFTED Season 2 Cast

BYERS’ CHARACTER WILL TEAM UP WITH POLARIS, ANDY AND THE FROST SISTERS IN THE “INNER CIRCLE” Byers will play REEVA, a smart, charming, authoritative, elegant, beautiful woman who is ruthless in her efforts to fight for her people. She leads an elite band of followers and has a soft spot for her new recruits, but is still capable of extreme violence in defense of her vision. “THE GIFTED” SEASON TWO RETURNS TUESDAYS THIS FALL ON FOX! NEED TO CATCH UP ON “THE GIFTED” BEFORE SEASON TWO? ... more Comments

4 Reasons Jace Will Make the Perfect Villain for 'The Gifted' Season 2

With Dr. Campbell (at least, presumed) dead, all eyes are on the next villain for The Gifted season 2. The mutants have split, with Lorna heading the Hellfire Club and John, Marcos and Clarice attempting to rebuild the Mutant Underground, but what about Trask Industries and the Hound Program? There still needs to be a human villain. Jace Turner would be the perfect person to undertake rebuilding the Hound Program, and the perfect villain for the series. He's Already Estab... more Comments

7 Terrifying Mutant Combinations Dr. Campbell Could Create on 'The Gifted'

Dr. Campbell has now shown off the potential of his research on The Gifted. Combining mutant abilities makes the mutants extremely dangerous to humans and other mutants alike. With the wrong abilities in his hands, there may be some serious risks to the world. Just what are the most terrifying mutant combinations based on the mutants we've seen so far? Here are seven possible threats. #1. Marcos & Wes Marcos has the ability to fire deathly shoots of ... more Comments

FOX Renews 'The Gifted' for Season 2

The world of the X-Men will continue to battle it out on FOX next year. The network has renewed freshman drama The Gifted for a second season. The show, starring Stephen Moyer and Amy Acker, premiered with just under 5 million viewers, though has slid to half that by the end of season 1. The two-hour first season finale airs Monday, January 15 at 8/7c on FOX. FOX previously renewed another first-year show, ... more Comments

What's Dr. Campbell's End Game for the Hound Program on 'The Gifted'?

Dr. Campbell revealed the results of his sibling research in the latest episode of The Gifted. However, the Frost sisters made it clear there's more to come. Even Dr. Campbell has hinted that the combination of powers is bigger than his initial test. What could his end game be for the series? Making Individual Abilities Stronger Than Ever One theory is that Dr. Campbell wants to find a way to make individual abilities stronger. So far he has found a ... more Comments

Will Esme Divide the Mutant Underground on 'The Gifted'?

Esme's backstory and plan was explained on the latest episode of The Gifted. Her family had been used by Dr. Campbell and she was willing to do anything it took to get her family (her identical sisters) back. Now that the mutant underground knows about her plans and her willingness to kill humans, it should turn other mutants against her. However, this could completely divide the mutant underground. Polaris Wants the Fear to Stop Throughout the episo... more Comments

Could Polaris Become the Next Magneto on 'The Gifted'?

The Gifted has confirmed Polaris is Magneto's biological daughter, and Magneto is going to play a part in the  season finale. While he won't physically appear, things he has done will come up. One of the big questions is whether Polaris (Lorna) will become just like him. Could she be the one the mutant underground and Sentinel Services have to protect the world from in the show? Polaris Is Already Volatile While Polaris doesn't ... more Comments

Could Esme Really Be Working for Dr. Campbell on 'The Gifted'?

During The Gifted in "outfoX," Esme manipulates fears and feelings to get her own way. She pushes for the team to break into Trask Industries, saying that she wants to save her family. However, there are constant smirks and glances as she listens into private conversations and gets her own way. Is it possible she's working for Dr. Campbell or could she have another ploy up her sleeve? Dr. Campbell May Be Blackmailing Esme Esme doesn't appear to b... more Comments

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