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Aired: Apr 10, 2018 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Barry and Ralph take different approaches to finding the remaining bus metas before DeVoe gets to them. However, Ralph's cavalier attitude frustrates Barry and the two clash over what it means to be a hero. Meanwhile, Breacher returns to ask Cisco for a favor.
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Who Gets a Job Offer?

The team tracks down one of the remaining two bus metas in this episode of The Flash. But when Barry doesn't think that Ralph's taking anything seriously, he benches him. Can he stop the meta on his own? And can Harry help using his intelligence booster or do his frustrations get the best of him? Elsewhere in "Null and Annoyed," Breacher stops by for Cisco's help when he loses his powers mid-fight, but it's not for a reason that can be fixed. Can Cisco work up the courage to tell him what's really goin... more

Null and Annoyed

The Flash finally returned from its final hiatus as the war against The Thinker is coming to a head. But along the way comes new twists as Harry begins to act even weirder on The Flash Season 4 Episode 17. "Null and Annoyed" may be the most action-packed episode The Flash Season 4 has had so far. While it was a lot to take in, I can't deny that it kept me on the edge of my seat. I never imagined that we would see the Scarlet Speedster float because of a metahuman. When... more



The Flash Reveals Killer Frost's Origin

The Flash vibed to the North Pole this Tuesday for answers about Santa Claus Caitlin’s chilly alter ego, Killer Frost. At a black ops site way, way up north, Caitlin, Barry and Cisco find Dr. Thomas Snow (guest star Kyle Secor), alive and well. Caitlin is pretty surprised, given that her dad had severe ALS 20 years ago. Thomas explains that he began experimenting with cryogenic therapies and even managed to freeze the progression of the disease. But the experiments became more and more dangerous, so he quarantined himse... more

'The Flash': Which Character Screwed up the Most in 'Therefore She Is'?

They may have finally figured out Clifford DeVoe's nefarious scheme, but the heroes of The Flash still have plenty of screw-ups throughout "Therefore She Is." Meanwhile, flashbacks showing the origin stories of Mr. and Mrs. Thinker make it clear that the bad guys make plenty of mistakes of their own. Team Flash "This time we catch DeVoe by surprise!" At some point this season, Team Flash will figure out that out-thinking the Thinker is never goi... more

The Good (and Bad) News About 'The Flash' Mystery Girl

Baffled by The Flash's Mystery Girl? Don't worry, you're hardly the only one. In fact, you're in good company -- even the cast has their questions. So, in that vein, let's try and make sense of the good news (and the bad) in the wake of those "Therefore She Is" revelations. As we know, Mystery Girl made her debut during the annual Arrowverse crossover, dropping by the WestAllen wedding to give her dad Barry (Grant Gustin) a few tips. Played by Jessica Parker Kennedy, the character has continued to pop up every few weeks... more


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