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Aired: Mar 28, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Abra Kadabra, a criminal from the 64th century, comes to Central City, stealing from numerous tech companies and killing two guards. Gypsy returns, in pursuit of Kadabra, to avenge her partner. Kadabra offers the team the identity of Savitar in exchange for his freedom.
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Is Julian Able to Save Caitlin's Life?

Just as things are warming up for Caitlin and Julian on The Flash, this episode, titled "Abra Kadabra," shows how fast that can change. The team deals with an enemy from the future (the 64th century, to be specific). And while Gypsy's back and also looking to catch Abra Kadabra, not everyone's in agreement about what to do with him.Meanwhile, the clock continues to tick as the day that Iris is going to die approaches -- but, hey, as long as she lives, she's going to be able to see Hamilton for f... more

Abra Kadabra

Killer Frost is back, and she's going to be a problem. While The Flash Season 3 Episode 18 laid the groundwork throughout the hour, my jaw still hit the floor during the final scene. Like Caitlin, I'd been lulled into a false sense of security. When Julian completed the surgery and the two made up, it seemed like the danger had passed. But the hints were there. Cisco teasing her about being frosty. Caitlin saying she'd rather die than use her meta healing. The close-up... more



The Flash Casts Sendhil Ramamurthy as Season 6's Big Bad — Watch Trailer

The Flash‘s next foe is a real piece of work — Bloodwork, that is. Heroes alum Sendhil Ramamurthy is joining the CW hit in the recurring role of DC villain Bloodwork, it was revealed on Saturday at the San Diego Comic-Con. Specifically, Ramamurthy will play Dr. Ramsey Rosso, a brilliant physician with a genius intellect, and the world’s leading expert on hematological oncology. A former colleague of Caitlin’s, Rosso “rekindles their friendship” after the... more

The Flash Season 5 Finale Recap: Who Was Erased From the Timeline? And What Crisis Twist Was Uncorked?

This Tuesday night, The Flash said, “Hold my beer.” On the heels of its parent series — SPOILER ALERT! — bringing back The Monitor to collect on the debt Oliver Queen owed, The Flash ended Season 5 with its own deluge of devastating family drama, followed by a “Crisis on Infinite Earths” tease of its own. When last we tuned in, Ralph realized that Eobard Thawne had, in fact, manipulated Nora into traveling into the past to, yes, get some quality time with the ‘rents, bu... more

The Flash Recap: Heist Anxiety — Plus, Iris Goes Toe to Toe With Cicada!

With Cisco’s meta cure near completion, Caitlin shares with the team the “but” of the matter — to apply it so Cicada and remove his powers, the Big Bad will need to be detained for a full minute. No inject-and-run here! The solution to the problem lies in a MacGuffin piece of tech that Ralph’s buddy Earl Cox says can be found on a black market that is run by a guy named Goldface. After literally dropping into the secret marketplace and then BS-ing their way past the proprietor (who didn’t think he smelled any “scum&rdqu... more


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