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Forget trying to keep pace with 24 hour news networks; the best fake news show in the world will provide you with all the news you can handle. The Daily Show is a comedic view of recent news headlines and political figures through a series of satirical monologues along with segments by correspondents and finally interviews with guest celebrities and political figures. The Daily more
... Show with Trevor Noah is filmed at 733 11th Avenue, New York, NY.
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The Daily Show Episode Guide


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    • Robin Williams
      Episode 158
      President Hassan Rouhani of Iran hits New York, Pope Francis and Republicans disagree on scriptural matters, and Robin Williams talks "The C...
    • Atoms for Peace
      Episode 157
      Ted Cruz takes a stand against the Affordable Care Act, and Thom Yorke and Flea perform songs from their joint project, Atoms for Peace....
    • Richard Dawkins
      Episode 156
      Republicans rally against Obamacare, Jessica Williams reports on the future of international shipping, and Richard Dawkins compares science ...
    • Chelsea Clinton
      Episode 155
      Businesses circumvent Obamacare, Aasif Mandvi celebrates India's Miss America victory, and Chelsea Clinton shares details of her work at the...
    • Hugh Jackman
      Episode 154
      Washington D.C. gun laws prove ineffective, Al Madrigal tests the limits of southern hospitality, and Hugh Jackman embraces the darkness in ...
    • Jake Gyllenhaal
      Episode 153
      CNN learns the wrong lessons from Boston, the Best F#@king News Team Ever speculatively reports a Godzilla attack, and Jake Gyllenhaal talks...
    • Robert Reich
      Episode 152
      Lindsey Graham declares war on not going to war in Syria, Pope Francis takes aim at Catholic dogma, and Robert Reich predicts a return to pr...
    • Billy Crystal
      Episode 151
      Vladimir Putin assumes the role of peacemaker, Aasif Mandvi reports on the plight of biotech companies, and Billy Crystal recounts a bygone ...
    • 09/11/13
      Bill de Blasio wins the New York City Democratic primary, members of Congress address Egypt's people, and David Cross and Bob Odenkirk talk ...
    • Bill Dedman
      Episode 149
      John Kerry offers inadvertent hope for peace in Syria, a drug boat burns off the coast of Italy, and Bill Dedman sheds light on a reclusive ...
    • Sheri Fink
      Episode 148
      Americans debate intervention in Syria, Bashar al-Assad launches a campaign to charm the west, Republican mayoral candidates clash, and Sher...
    • Michael C. Hall
      Episode 147
      The New York City Democratic mayoral candidates debate the issues, Anthony Weiner fights back, and Michael C. Hall discusses the final seaso...
    • Mario Livio
      Episode 146
      John McCain shows his poker face, Samantha Bee searches for common ground with Russia, and Mario Livio shares some of science's greatest blu...
    • Andrew Harper
      Episode 145
      Jon returns from the Middle East, Syria crosses America's red line, and Andrew Harper explains the reality for Syrian refugees in Jordan....
    • Simon Pegg
      Episode 144
      Protestors oppose Russia's gay propaganda ban, Anthony Weiner insults BuzzFeed, former correspondents bid farewell to John Oliver, and Simon...
    • Regis Philbin
      Episode 143
      Amazon's Jeff Bezos takes over The Washington Post, Elon Musk dreams up a supersonic transport capsule, and Regis Philbin describes his spor...
    • 08/13/13
      A judge goes after NYC's stop-and-frisk policies, Jessica Williams demands stop-and-frisk on Wall Street, and Joshua Oppenheimer describes h...
    • Rand Paul
      Episode 141
      Chris Matthews makes 2016 election predictions, Australia's federal candidates slip up, Dr. Sanjay Gupta turns pro-pot, and Senator Rand Pau...
    • 08/08/13
      The SEC holds big banks accountable in small ways, Obama speaks out on sexual assault in the military, and Kirsten Gillibrand criticizes how...
    • Lake Bell
      Episode 139
      President Obama breaks his date with Vladimir Putin, David Cameron takes away England's porn, "Shark Week" is engulfed in shark-troversy, an...
    • Liam Hemsworth
      Episode 138
      Tax reform terrifies politicians who want tax reform, Jessica Williams and Samantha Bee debate the race question, and Liam Hemsworth talks s...
    • Neal Thompson
      Episode 137
      The 2016 Republican presidential field expands, politics engulfs sports and the royal baby, and Neal Thompson recounts the life of Robert Ri...
    • Colin Quinn
      Episode 136
      America's fast food workers demand better pay, Hillary Clinton's lunch ignites 2016 election buzz, and Colin Quinn teaches Constitutional hi...
    • Hank Azaria
      Episode 135
      Congress continues being unpopular, Jason Jones travels to Kentucky, Anthony Weiner 9/11s his d**k pics, and Hank Azaria discusses "Lovelace...
    • Tim Gunn
      Episode 134
      Judge Johnny judges Halliburton, Lance Armstrong and Joe Biden, Pope Francis changes the Catholic tone toward homosexuality, and Tim Gunn ta...
    • Mark Leibovich
      Episode 133
      Edward Snowden receives a literary care package, Congress agrees on something, Anthony Weiner gets more bad news, and Mark Leibovich surveys...
    • Bob Bradley
      Episode 132
      Goldman Sachs gets into the aluminum game, Aasif Mandvi tries convincing someone to run for Congress, and Bob Bradley talks Egyptian soccer ...
    • Shailene Woodley
      Episode 131
      Anthony Weiner becomes Carlos Danger, Larry Wilmore begins a conversation on race, and Shailene Woodley discusses "The Spectacular"....
    • Richard Haass
      Episode 130
      The Best F#@king News Team Ever reports on the royal birth, and foreign policy expert Richard Haass reflects on the importance of domestic s...
    • Louis C.K.
      Episode 129
      A royal son is born, Edward Snowden considers moving out of the Moscow airport, Detroit goes bankrupt, and Louis C.K. talks Woody Allen and ...
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