• The Challenge Season 31 Episode 16: Finale Part 2 | TVBuzer
    Finale Part 2
    Episode 16
    The insanity and intensity continues in the second hour of the Finale with the most feuds and fights in the history of "The Challenge." The ...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 15: Finale Part 1 | TVBuzer
    Finale Part 1
    Episode 15
    Part 1 of 2. After facing one of the most intense mental and physical final challenges ever, the vicious "Vendettas" cast members are reunit...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 14: Vendettas Never Die | TVBuzer
    With $500,000 on the line, the eight finalists compete for their share of the big money. However, two mercenaries return to make their road ...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 13: Czechmate | TVBuzer
    Episode 13
    When one player is blindsided, a surprising new vendetta is formed; players compete in the high octane challenge, "Outside the Box" which wi...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 12: Help Me, Rhonda | TVBuzer
    With the finale rapidly approaching, TJ stuns the competitors with news of a location change; they must first endure a grueling time trial t...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 11: It's Britni, B... | TVBuzer
    A player is left stunned by a shocking betrayal. Two scorned lovers form a bond, but their friendship is quickly tested by a dirty game move...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 10: Rumor Has It | TVBuzer
    Rumor Has It
    Episode 10
    When a secret hookup is exposed, two romances are shattered and the entire house is turned upside down. Tony struggles with making a huge ga...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 9: Baskets of Deplorables | TVBuzer
    One player's humiliating performance may cost her the game when she gets shamefully stuck in a basket. Devin vows to wage war against his en...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 8: Mercenaries of Mayhem | TVBuzer
    Challenge legends continue to wreak havoc on the game; one player uses the power of the grenade to threaten the competition, creating a powe...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 7: Pulling the Strings | TVBuzer
    When the mysterious and offensive notes continue to circulate the Challenge house, they cause a stir among the female competitors and the cu...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 6: Notes on a Scandal | TVBuzer
    A mysterious player leaves mean notes in the girls' room, causing havoc with their game as they all try to figure out the culprit. The broma...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 5: Guilty By Association | TVBuzer
    When one of the players falls ill, their true strength in the game is tested. Kayleigh is fed up with her vendetta Melissa, whose antics cul...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 4: Pizzagate | TVBuzer
    Episode 4
    While "Challenge" couple Brad and Britni plan on winning the game, players begin to plot their demise behind their backs. A player is caught...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 3: #Banatalie | TVBuzer
    Episode 3
    Natalie balances a budding romance with her desire to prove herself as a strong competitor. An injured Melissa finds comfort with Nicole, bu...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 2: The Power of Three | TVBuzer
    When three players earn power, their vendettas worry about becoming easy targets. Marie's romance with Kyle is threatened by her enemy, Cara...
  • The Challenge Season 31 Episode 1: When Worlds Collide | TVBuzer
    Past feuds and grudges comes back to haunt 28 eager Challenge competitors, all vying for their share of $500,000. Romance is in the air at t...