The Challenge

Aired: Jan 26, 2004 , Wednesday at 20:00 on MTV

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Episode Summary: This was a Gauntlet Wrap-up / Inferno Preview special. It showed flashbacks from past challenges aswell as clips from the upcoming ""Inferno"". Gauntlet Wrap-Up featured- Coral and Mike from Real World Back 2 New York Trishelle from Real World Las Vegas Veronica from Road Rules Semester at Sea Katie from Road Rules The Quest Sarah and Rachel from more
...Road Rules Campus Crawl Abram from Road Rules South Pacific Inferno Preview featured- CT and Leah from Real World Paris Highlights included- *Coral was actually bitten by a spider on her butt while peeing in some bushes before the ""Gold Rush"" mission. *There were alot of behind the scenes tantrums from Alton and Irulan towards production which led to Road Rules celebration when Irulan was sent home. *Trishelle and Mike broke up right after The Gauntlet. *Mike will be hooking up with Kendal in The Inferno aswell as a hookup between Darrell and Leah. *Veronica and Katie's feud from The Gauntlet will continue into The Infer
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