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Reality stars compete in physical and mental challenges that will push them to their limit for their share of a $1 million prize. Age-old alliances, twists and turns from host TJ Lavin, and everyone living together under one roof only make the battle that much harder.
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Dive Another Day

That was a thrill ride from start to finish. The Challenge Season 36 Episode 2 featured scheming, scrambling, and one almighty battle that left us with a stunning cliffhanger. Credit where credit is due, The Challenge Season 36 is probably one of the most well-produced seasons, and that's especially good given that it was shot during a worldwide pandemic. Let's dig in because we have a LOT to unpack. Kyle Will Always be a Snake If you watch The C... more

A Double Eliminaton Causes Total Madness

That was the most nail-biting episode in years! The Challenge Season 35 Episode 15 featured betrayals, backstabbing, and double eliminations that have changed the dynamic inside the bunker.  As such, we thought it was a good idea to start covering the show! Hooray, right? Check out our recap below! Does Kyle Even Deserve to STILL Be in the Game? We knew the latest challenge was going to push everyone to their limit. The series continues to show... more

The Duel Reunion

Svetlana, Annesa, Evan, Diam, CT, Beth, Brad, and Jodi reunite in this reunion special. Tina also appears for 15 minutes on the show. When Beth hears of her arrival she tells producers she does not want to be on the same room with Tina. Hosted by Sussi from TRL, and its 1 hour long. more



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