The Carbonaro Effect

Aired: May 31, 2018 , Thursday at 22:00 on truTV

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Episode Summary: Michael demonstrates the latest in winter gear: a hat that also makes hot cocoa; Michael's co-worker at an abandoned garage is stunned when a ghostly violin strikes a chord all by itself.
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Watch: truTV preview this week's Carbonaro Effect

truTV, your week-night destination for go-to fun have released a preview clip of this week's 'Carbonaro Effect'. In the clip Michael manages to trick two women into believing his antique truck can turn any piece of fabric into a beautifully tailored shirt. Watch the clip below; [YouTube=APxEqTXpEXc] more

Watch: truTV preview this week's Carbonaro Effect

A new preview clip of this week's 'Carbonaro Effect' has been released. The episode will air this Thursday at 10/9c, with Michael transforming two extension cords into one, in the following clip; [YouTube=q0MUCWAK39Y]   more

Watch: All New Clips of truTV's stellar Fall Lineup!

truTV have released some more clips ahead of this week's all new episodes of shows featuring in it's fall line-up. On Monday night at 8pm, a hilarious clip from 'Hair Jacked' shows the contestants compete in a game of Pictionary, but their's a twist in the game as it's taken to the next level, as host Jon Gabrus has the contestants have to use shaving cream and the salon mirrors. [YouTube=vnwikTk0kjE] more


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