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Set in 15th century Italy at the height of the Renaissance, The Borgias chronicles the corrupt rise of patriarch Rodrigo Borgia to the papacy, where he proceeds to commit every sin in the book to amass and retain power, influence and enormous wealth for himself and his family.
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The Borgias: SEASON 3, EPISODE 10: The Prince | TVBuzer

Aired: June 16,2013

Alexander and Cesare are reconciled at last. The Papal Armies have been fortified with the money saved from the Crusade and the proceeds of the Jubilee. Cesare marches his fearsome army to finish what Juan started - lay siege to Forli. Micheletto reappears. Following a scuffle with Cesare, a drunken Alfonso is near death and Lucrezia turns to her p... more

The Borgias LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



The episode begins with Black Heart walking through an area that has been massacred by plague. There are rotting corpses all around. He covers his face, while he tears out a piece of cloth from a rotting corpse with his sword and puts it in a bag. In Naples, Micheletto brings to Lucrezia her infant son, while the citizens are mourning King Ferdinand’s death. At the papal court, Rodrigo tells the consistory that there will be a huge celebration, to mark the year 1500, which is next year. He says that he ... more

The Wolf and the Lamb

The episode begins with Lucrezia being consoled by Rodrigo for the humiliation she had to go through. In the night, while immersed in a bathtub with Gonzaga’s wife, Rodrigo tells her that she has to leave him and go back to her husband. She is reluctant, but Rodrigo tells her that he can’t afford a scandal; hence she has no other choice. Caterina has a talk with the members of all the rival families of Italy, who hate the Borgias, asking them to join forces with her. They decide to hold off on giving ... more

The Banquet Of Chestnuts

The episode begins with a ceremony in which Rodrigo is appointing a new cardinal. The new cardinal is Giulia’s brother and it is her wish that Rodrigo has fulfilled by making this appointment. After the ceremony, Cardinal Sforza briefs the new cardinal about his duties. After arriving at a nunnery, Cardinal Versucci, who was recently ousted by Rodrigo, hands a nun some documents. He then tells the nun that he has to be on his way. At the papal palace, Rodrigo sees Lucrezia approach him and asks how marr... more



The Borgias: 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Cast: 'UnREAL' Star and More New Faces News | TVBuzer

'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Cast: 'UnREAL' Star and More New Faces

Game of Thrones season 6 is still a long time away, but the epic HBO fantasy drama is already gearing up with several new additions to the ever-expanding cast. The show has already revealed several new actors and characters, including Sam's brother and Theon's uncle. Here's a breakdown of four of the new actors and characters you can expect to see in Game of Thrones season 6. Sam's Brother more

The Borgias: 'Reign' Recap: Will Mary and Francis Really Split? News | TVBuzer

'Reign' Recap: Will Mary and Francis Really Split?

This week on Reign, Narcisse discusses his bath fetish, Conde makes sex eyes at Mary, Princess Claude redefines appropriate sibling relationships, and Francis spends all episode looking like a deer caught in headlights.   Plus Catherine plans another raging party, because that is her sole role this season besides conversing with ghosts. Most importantly, Mary and Francis have the fight to end all fights. You know when the last word in the argument is, "Well maybe you should leave the country," your marriage isn't in a great place right no... more

The Borgias: E! Orders 'The Royals' as First Scripted Series News | TVBuzer

E! Orders 'The Royals' as First Scripted Series

Here Ye, Hear Ye! E! is looking to make scripted programming its next crowningachievement. The networkhas just given a series pickup order to its very first scripted drama ever, entitled 'The Royals,' which will center arounda fictional British Royal family as they live out their lives in modern-day London. So who's been asked to join this regal little crew? Elizabeth Hurley ( more


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