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This reality television game show pits 11 teams against each other in a worldwide, 30 to 40-day journey through diverse cities and countries spanning the globe. The first team to reach the final destination will be rewarded with $1 million.
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The Amazing Race: SEASON 31, EPISODE 12: This One is For One Million Dollars (2) | TVBuzer

Aired: June 26,2019

With the $1 million on the line, the final 3 teams race through Detroit, where they rappel nearly 500 feet down the Guardian Building. The team to cross the finish line first will be crowned the winners.... more

The Amazing Race LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Season 30 Finale And the Winner Is...

It is the final lap of The Amazing Race as the top four teams (Extreme, Big Brother, Indy Car and Yale) battle it out for the top spot. Not only will the winning team join the ranks of 30 seasons of winners, but they will go home $1 million richer! So which duo will arrive first at Phil Keoghan's welcome mat for the last time? Let's find out! In first place, Indy Car leads the final four to Hong Kong where they must find a cute, nerdy guy for their next clue. Let's hope there are no vital ... more

This Team Will Never Forget Their Passport Again

The Amazing Race is nearing the finish line as the Top 4 become the Top 3 with teams traveling from Zimbabwe to Dubai and Thailand. Who will Phil Keoghan welcome into the final leg? We all have our favorites to win, but it is no doubt a strong competitor will be lost.For the first time in the history of The Amazing Race, teams will travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain. While waiting on their connecting flight in Dubai, Lucas and Brittany find that they have misplaced their passports. Wi... more

Indy Car Driver Gets Stuck in the Mud

The Amazing Race competition is definitely exciting now. The U-Turns have made their debut this 30th season and it is bringing out the best and the worst of the remaining six teams. As the teams travel to Zimbabwe, more twists will unfold. Which of the teams will find themselves twisted up and which will make their way closer to one million dollars? Kristi and Jen lead the pack on this next leg to Zimbabwe where they will travel by train to a wildlife conservation area that stands as a tribute t... more



The Amazing Race: Why Cody and Jessica's Finish on 'The Amazing Race 30' Is Bad for 'Big Brother' News | TVBuzer

Why Cody and Jessica's Finish on 'The Amazing Race 30' Is Bad for 'Big Brother'

The Amazing Race 30 came to an end on Wednesday and, in a bit of a surprise, Big Brother 19 showmance Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf pulled out the win, taking home one million dollars. That should help with their upcoming wedding plans. As a massive fan of Big Brother, it was exciting to see two people who I rooted for over the summer achieve victory on The Amazing Race. However, I also... more

The Amazing Race: 'Big Brother 19' and 'Amazing Race 30' Couple Cody and Jessica Get Engaged News | TVBuzer

'Big Brother 19' and 'Amazing Race 30' Couple Cody and Jessica Get Engaged

Eight months after meeting on Big Brother 19, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf are ready to walk down the aisle. TMZ reports that the showmance duo got engaged, posting a video of the proposal at Runyon Canyon. Cody and Jessica met in the Big Brother house during the summer of 2017. They quickly formed an inseparable bond and were the targets for the entire house. Though they were both evicted in the middle of the game, Cody was voted America's Fav... more

The Amazing Race: Alex and Conor Deserve to Win 'The Amazing Race' News | TVBuzer

Alex and Conor Deserve to Win 'The Amazing Race'

The finish line is approaching on The Amazing Race. Season 30 of the series hasn't felt monumental but it has been entertaining and pleasant. Of the final four teams it's hard to begrudge any of them a victory, if they should come in first place. It's true that Jessica and Cody are still a little nasty (and oblivious about it) and all Evan is missing is a literal whip to force Henry into shape.  Yet the final four of season 30 are some of the most likable and entert... more


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