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Aired: Jan 15, 2017 , Sunday at 21:00 on SHOWTIME

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Episode Summary: An unexpected cause to celebrate provokes a sobering realization in Alison. Soon after, a startling warning leaves her pondering the unthinkable. Cole's frustrations with Alison come to a head, revealing a radical truth.
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The Affair Recap: Noah Gets #MeToo'd

This week on The Affair, garbage person Noah Soloway digs himself into a deeper and deeper hole after multiple misconduct allegations are leveled against him. We pick up with Noah just days after his recent trip to Montauk. He’s back in the city and hanging out with old college friend Ariel Hoffman (returning guest star Janel Moloney), who was first introduced to us in the Season 4 finale. Over coffee, Noah tells her that Petra recently got in touch to inform him that Eden had com... more

The Affair Recap: What Does Ben Tell Joanie About the Night Alison Died?

This week on The Affair, Joanie confronts Ben (now played by Ugly Betty‘s Tony Plana) about the night Alison died. Is he sorry for what he did to her mother, or is he just a special kind of psychopath? In the future timeline, Joanie shows up at the doorstep of Ben’s PTSD clinic. She’s wearing sunglasses and says her name is Gabrielle. She suffers from post-traumatic stress and needs his help. He invites her in and quickly deduces that it’s Alison’s... more

The Affair Recap: What Did Joanie Learn About Alison's Death? And Who Showed Up in the Future Timeline?

This week on The Affair, Joanie begins to question what really happened on the night that Alison died, and we finally learn what came of Cole and Luisa’s lives following the events of Season 4. Before we dive into Episode 6, let us first clarify the show’s timeline, which has caused quite a bit of confusion this season. We find out that Alison’s death took place on Oct. 13, 2021, when Joanie was just 7 years old. The future timeline jumps a... more


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