• Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24: The Divine Move | TVBuzer
    One last stand is made by Scott, Derek and their allies....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 23: Insatiable | TVBuzer
    Episode 23
    Kira finds herself facing an unexpected antagonist; Scott and his friends try to survive against an enemy growing ever stronger....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 22: De-Void | TVBuzer
    Episode 22
    Scott and Lydia combine abilities in an attempt to gain the upper hand; Stillinski's future will be decided by a review board....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 21: The Fox and the Wolf | TVBuzer
    An important clue is revealed in the story of a World War II internment camp; Kira's role is more crucial, and she discovers unusual abiliti...
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20: Echo House | TVBuzer
    Echo House
    Episode 20
    Stiles has to make an important decision over Eichen house. Scott and his friends seek out an important Japanese artifact....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19: Letharia Vulpina | TVBuzer
    Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster; Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher. Stiles is still possessed by the nogitsune....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 18: Riddled | TVBuzer
    Episode 18
    Stiles goes missing; Scott and the others set off on a search; Lydia tries to master her new abilities....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 17: Silverfinger | TVBuzer
    Episode 17
    Scott's friends pledge to protect him; Argent, Isaac and Allison search for answers;Stiles may be the dark spirit the oni seek....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 16: Illuminated | TVBuzer
    Episode 16
    Beacon Hills is under curfew from the power outage; the teens throw a blacklight Halloween party; Scott tries to earn Kira's trust....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 15: Galvanize | TVBuzer
    Episode 15
    William Barrow, an electrical engineer turned mass murderer, escapes during surgery and hides out in the school....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 14: More Bad Than Good | TVBuzer
    Scott and his friends ponder catching the werecoyote before it is hunted down; an unlikely ally helps Derek and Peter break out....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13: Anchors | TVBuzer
    Episode 13
    Scott, Stiles and Allison suffer side effects from the ritual sacrifice; Sheriff Stilinski searches through old cases....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 12: Lunar Ellipse | TVBuzer
    Lunar Ellipse
    Episode 12
    Scott and his friends use an ancient ritual to save the lives of their loved ones and stop Deucalion....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11: Alpha Pact | TVBuzer
    Alpha Pact
    Episode 11
    Scott must make a difficult choice to save friends and family; Derek and Peter contemplate a way to save Cora's life....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 10: The Overlooked | TVBuzer
    The Overlooked
    Episode 10
    Trapped by a storm in a hospital, Scott and Derek must defend themselves against the Alphas; saving Cora's life....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 9: The Girl Who Knew Too Much | TVBuzer
    Allison suspects that someone close to her is involved with the murders; Scott and Stiles want to use Lydia's talents to solve the murders....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 8: Visionary | TVBuzer
    Episode 8
    While looking for answers, Scott, Allison and Stiles hear stories told by two unlikely narrators and discover a secret about the color of a ...
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7: Currents | TVBuzer
    Episode 7
    The Darach targets Deaton as the next sacrifice, leaving him hanging by his wrists to die. Kali and the twins go after Derek....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 6: Motel California | TVBuzer
    Scott and the others suffer strange experiences while stranded at a motel; considering the killer's newest targets....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 5: Frayed | TVBuzer
    Episode 5
    During a bus ride to a cross-country meet, Scott and his friends flash back to the events of a pre-emptive strike against the Alphas, which ...
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 4: Unleashed | TVBuzer
    Episode 4
    Scott tries to keep Isaac from confronting the twins in school; Stiles tries to prove his theory about the killings....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 3: Fireflies | TVBuzer
    Episode 3
    Boyd and Cora are under the influence of the full moon; Scott and Derek seek help from an unlikely ally....
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 2: Chaos Rising | TVBuzer
    Chaos Rising
    Episode 2
    One of Stiles' childhood friends goes missing, Scott begins his new fight against the Alpha pack, Lydia and Allison investigate a new myster...
  • Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1: Tattoo | TVBuzer
    Episode 1
    Derek and Isaac search for Erica and Boyd, and a new wolf pack arrives in town with its own menacing Alpha....