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Scott McCall, a high school student who is bitten by a werewolf, must cope with its effects on him, his friends, and his family.
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'Teen Wolf' Creator Explains Why the Series Ended on a Cliffhanger

The Teen Wolf series finale saw Scott finally defeat Gerard Argent but everything wasn't wrapped up by the end of the episode. The final season's secondary villain, Monroe, escaped and the finale ended with Scott and the gang going off to fight one more battle against her. For a show that knew it was coming to a close, it was a surprisingly cliffhanger-esque ending but that was the intention. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, series creator and showrunner Jeff Davis explained... more Comments

'Teen Wolf' Series Finale: Does Lydia's Vision Really Mean Everybody Will Die?

The penultimate episode of Teen Wolf left the supernatural heroes in a nearly unwinnable situation. Deucalion was killed and everyone else is either under literal fire by hunters or being drawn into a deadly trap. The series finale sneak peek  might explain how at least half of Scott's pack will make it out of their current situation alive, but there's still plenty to be worried about in Beacon Hills. Lydia's vision of total and impending doom hangs over the ... more Comments

[WATCH] 'Teen Wolf' Series Finale Sneak Peek: Stiles and Derek Return to Help the Pack

Teen Wolf is ending, but before it does, war has come to Beacon Hills and some familiar faces are joining the fight against Gerard's forces in the series finale, "The Wolves of War."   The final attack began at the end of the penultimate episode of the MTV series, as some hunters locked Liam, Mason and Corey in the hospital and others, including Monroe, opened fire on Scott, Malia, Lydia, Peter and Deucalion. The promo is all about the "all-out war" in Beaco... more Comments

Is Nolan Hiding a Big Secret on 'Teen Wolf'?

Halfway through the final season of Teen Wolf, the villains are making their presence known. The mysterious monster of the season might have been named recently but it's the human villains who have been hogging all the screen time. Chief among these threats has been Nolan, the deeply disturbed teenager who has exhibited an extreme hatred towards supernatural creatures of any kind. As much as Teen Wolf has established Nolan a... more Comments

'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Scalia a Good Idea?

Teen Wolf is coming to an end but the show isn't all about goodbyes in its final episodes. There are also some beginnings on the horizon. After being teased in trailers and pre-season interviews, "After Images" finally made it (sort of) official: there is something between Scott and Malia. Though  the (literal) steamy shower scene from the trailer hasn't happened yet, Scott and Malia are on their way to becoming a real couple with Scott confirming he... more Comments

Tyler Posey Teases a Crazy Ending in His 'Teen Wolf' Directorial Debut

Playing Scott McCall for six season of Teen Wolf wasn't always easy, but now Tyler Posey is taking on perhaps his biggest challenge yet: directing. Posey will be directing episode 13 of season 6, titled "After Images," and like most episodes of Teen Wolf, the ending is going to leave fans in shock. "When I got an episode I knew that in typical ... more Comments

Is 'Teen Wolf' Spending Too Much Time on Liam's Emotional Stability?

 Teen Wolf is reaching its end and the MTV show is looping back on itself. Scott preparing for his final fight isn't all that different from him facing his first real challenge. Scott started off being hunted by hunters and now he is ending his story the same way. Rather than feel repetitive though, this symmetry has given the series a satisfying full circle feel. There is one old storyline that is being revisited that is far from a welcome blast to the past. Nearly everything going on with Liam and his emotional turmoil has been an ... more Comments

What We Learned About the Continuing Future of 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf is ending soon ... or is it? It turns out the popular supernatural MTV show about a werewolf and his friends might just have a second life. It sounds like a supernatural twist right out of the show itself. In a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, new MTV head Chris McCarthy said that the network was already dreaming up a reboot of their flagship show. This reboot wouldn't be immediate, but it does signal the network's unwillingness to let ... more Comments

'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Will Scott and Malia End up Together?

Over the course of Teen Wolf's six seasons, Tyler Posey's Scott McCall has had a pretty bad track record in the romance department. His first love Allison died in his arms, and his next love Kira had to leave Beacon Hills. So will Scott end up alone when the curtain falls on Teen Wolf, or will he end up with a surprising new romance? According to a recent... more Comments

'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Are Jackson and Ethan a Couple?

Familiar faces are returning for the final season of Teen Wolf, and two of those faces are Jackson and Ethan. Both left the show in earlier seasons and when they return on the scene, it looks like they come back together. So are they just pals or are they a bit more than friends? When we last saw Ethan, his twin brother had just died and he had broken things off with Jackson's former best friend Danny. Jackson had a serious relationship with Lydia back in the show's first seas... more Comments

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