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Follows the cast of the second season of '16 and Pregnant', giving viewers an intimate look at the challenges Chelsea, Leah, Briana, Jenelle, and Kailyn face raising a child as a teenager.
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Teen Mom 2 Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Teen Mom 2 Episode Guide


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AIRED ON December 10,2019

Season 9: Episode 35

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AIRS ON December 17,2019

Season 9: Episode 36


  • Season 9
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 12/17/19 AT 08:00 PM ON MTV

      Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 36: Season 9b Reunion Part 3 | TVBuzer
      Chelsea and Cole take center stage to talk marriage highs and lows, with special guests Cate and Ty from Teen Mom OG. Kail reveals how she r...

      Teen Mom 2 Season 9 Episode 35: Season 9b Reunion Part 2 | TVBuzer
      Kail & Leah reveal what happened behind the scenes in Hawaii and Briana has an emotional heart to heart with John. Later, Jade triggers her ...
    • 12/03/19
      Chelsea and Leah meet Jade and discuss their similarities. Kail defends her parenting decisions and Briana reveals where things really went ...
    • Bear
      Episode 33
      Kailyn and her boys say goodbye to the family dog. Jade takes Sean in with surprising results. Briana confronts John about their deteriorati...
    • 11/19/19
      Luis reappears with a major ask for Briana; Kailyn gets upsetting news about a family pet...
    • 11/12/19
      Briana makes a major decision, leaving John sidelined. With her parents still in jail, Jade reaches to Sean for support. Chelsea's anxiety r...
    • Bailout
      Episode 30
      When Jade's parents are arrested, she's forced to pick up the pieces. Devoin tries to prove to Briana that he can be around for Nova. Leah w...
    • Normal Parents
      Episode 29
      Jade's relationship with her mom deteriorates. Things for Briana and John crumble when she visits him in NY. Ali gains independence at a cam...
    • Getting Lei'd
      Episode 28
      Gracie reveals some deep feelings about Jeremy to Leah while on vacation in Hawaii. Briana celebrates Stella's second birthday, but leaves s...
    • 10/15/19
      Sean pleads with Jade to let him see Kloie. Jo throws a wrench into Kailyn's vacation plans while Leah considers what this Hawaii trip could...
    • 10/08/19
      When Nova misses her dad, Briana puts her anger with DeVoin aside. Jade tries to distance herself from Sean but worries how it will affect K...
    • Truth Hurts
      Episode 25
      Sean refuses to let Jade get her things from their house, so she goes to the police. Leah gets some shocking news about her sister. Javi and...
    • Direct Message
      Episode 24
      Leah faces another health scare with Addie; Jade and Sean reach a boiling point, forcing her to move out; Briana is torn when she gets a sus...
    • 09/17/19
      Briana confronts Devoin in New York; Jade tries to smooth things over with Sean before moving into their new house; Leah and Kailyn vacation...
    • Hey Girl Hey
      Episode 22
      Jade joins the cast but trust issues threaten an important anniversary with Sean; Briana allows Devoin to take Nova for the weekend; Leah an...
    • 06/03/19
      Kailyn announces the newest member of the Teen Mom 2 cast. Jace's dad, Andrew, makes an appearance for the first time since the first Teen M...
    • 05/27/19
      Jenelle returns to discuss her final season of TM2, Kail and Vee look back at their tumultuous past, Briana calls out Devoin, and Chelsea op...
    • 05/20/19
      Dr. Drew and Nessa talk to Leah about where she stands with Jeremy, Kailyn reveals news about Chris, and Briana discusses her issues with De...
    • 05/13/19
      Leah and Jeremy rush Addie to the ER; Jenelle questions her future with the show; Briana lets DeVoin take a major step forward with Nova; Ch...
    • 05/06/19
      Chelsea suffers a panic attack. Jenelle visits Briana in Orlando but struggles to film without her husband. Addie is confused about Leah and...
    • 04/29/19
      Leah breaks up with Jason. Jenelle's plans to take Jace on a mother-son trip go awry. Briana leaves Luis alone with Stella for the first tim...
    • Bow Down
      Episode 15
      Leah's girls reveal their true feelings about Jason. Chelsea takes a family vacation, but comes home to a shocking find. Jenelle tries to de...
    • 04/15/19
      Barb and Jenelle have a wild weekend in Atlanta, but things go too far when she brings up another cast member. Kail and Jo celebrate Isaac's...
    • Home Is Home
      Episode 13
      Kail gets a surprising call from Jo's wife about their child support battle; Nathan and Jenelle go back to court, with a surprising turn; Ch...
    • Do the Dangle
      Episode 12
      Kail launches her haircare line with a big party in NYC, and a few surprise guests show up; things don't go well for Luis when Briana lets h...
    • 03/25/19
      Lincoln gets a new brother while Kail offers Jenelle a peace offering; but her good deed backfires. Chelsea is forced to confront Adam's par...
    • 03/18/19
      Barbara flies to New York to meet with Jace's dad. Adam's parents break the rules of their custody agreement with Chelsea. Lux's dad surpris...
    • Momster Mash
      Episode 9
      Barb plans her trip to meet with Jace's dad, causing Jenelle anxiety; impressed with DeVoin's improvement, Briana considers making a big cha...
    • Cold War
      Episode 8
      Jenelle needs emergency surgery. Briana confronts Luis in New York. Kail and Jo come face-to-face for the first time since he filed for chil...
    • Surprise!
      Episode 7
      Chelsea receives surprising news about Adam's other daughter. Briana takes initiative and files for child support from Luis. Jo drops a chil...
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  • Season 8
    • 08/27/18
      Conclusion. In part two, Dr. Drew and Nessa talk to Jenelle, Chelsea, Kailyn, Leah, and the rest of the cast about all the explosive moments...
    • 08/13/18
      In part one, Dr. Drew and Nessa discuss Kailyn and Briana's fight with the cast and look back on the biggest events that happened this seaso...
    • 08/06/18
      The beef between between Kailyn and Briana erupts when the cast comes to New York for reunion weekend....
    • On The Mend
      Episode 31
      Briana faces DeVoin as she heals from surgery. After a disheartening doctor's visit, Leah receives an update on Ali's condition. Adam violat...
    • Road Rage
      Episode 30
      Jenelle encounters an aggressive driver while taking Jace home. Briana has some surprise visitors after surgery. Chelsea and Cole check out ...
    • 07/16/18
      Leah and Kailyn vacation together in Hawaii. Chelsea and Aubree meet up with Taylor and Adam's younger daughter, Paislee. Nathan and Barbara...
    • 07/09/18
      Briana asks an ex to take care of her after her plastic surgery but Javi isn't happy. Leah and Kailyn meet up for a podcast. Jenelle spends ...
    • Thirsty
      Episode 27
      Briana and Javi make major decisions about their relationship and Javi turns to Kailyn. Ali's health issues become more obvious at school, w...
    • Access Issues
      Episode 26
      Chelsea shares major news. Briana finds out about Javi's big plans. Kail has to go to court mediation because Jo is going for 50 / 50 custod...
    • Quicksand
      Episode 25
      Javi gets some work news that puts pressure on his relationships with both Briana and Kailyn. Leah reveals a secret about her and Jeremy. Ch...
    • Unicorn Poop
      Episode 24
      Leah gets a surprising call from Jeremy during the twins' birthday. Briana returns to work and Luis makes an appearance. Kail goes to court ...
    • 06/04/18
      Briana visits Delaware for Lincoln's birthday, but does not get a warm welcome from Kailyn. Chelsea and Adam finally have their day in court...
    • The Hangover
      Episode 22
      Jenelle gets a troubling call from Jace and decides to dial 911 on Barbara. Javi visits Briana in Orlando as their relationship heats up. Le...
    • After her blow up with Kail, Briana continues defending herself with Brittany's help. Jenelle and David return for a monstrous showdown with...
    • 05/14/18
      All the girls head to LA to film specials and the reunion. Kailyn and Briana finally come face to face and Chelsea and Jenelle choose sides,...
    • 05/07/18
      Briana reveals surprising news about her and Javi to Leah, which Leah then shares with Kailyn. Jenelle risks losing custody of Kaiser when N...
    • 11/06/17
      Jenelle walks down the aisle and Chelsea celebrates her marriage. Leah tries to get Addie ready for her first day of preschool. Kailyn has h...
    • 10/30/17
      Tensions build as Jenelle prepares for her wedding day. Kailyn faces the potential of raising her third baby alone. Briana attempts to invol...
    • 10/16/17
      Kailyn's St. Thomas vacation takes a dramatic turn. Shocking news is delivered to Stella about Briana. Jace's 8th birthday increases the ten...
    • 10/09/17
      Briana rushes Stella to the hospital. An unexpected court date threatens Kailyn's vacation. Leah and Corey notice Gracie may need special at...
    • 10/02/17
      Kailyn graduates from college. Stella's happy homecoming goes downhill after an explosive fight between Briana's family and Luis. Leah takes...
    • 09/25/17
      Luis asks Briana a shocking question before she goes into labor. Barb attempts to make peace with Jenelle during Kaiser's birthday party. Ka...
    • Somewhere Else
      Episode 12
      Leah pushes Jeremy to spend more time with Addie. After seeing what Maci is going through, Chelsea reconsiders her visitation agreement with...
    • 09/18/17
      Jenelle and Barb come to an agreement for custody of Jace. Briana is surprised by unexpected news from Luis. Leah reluctantly re-enters the ...
    • Briana's baby shower goes downhill when Luis shows up. Jenelle finally gets her day in court to get Jace back. Kailyn struggles with jugglin...
    • 09/04/17
      Jenelle has a tumultuous Mother's Day when she's barred from seeing Jace. Briana is under pressure while preparing for her baby shower. Kail...
    • On the Hunt
      Episode 8
      After Barb refuses to let Jace come over, Jenelle tracks her down. Briana gives Luis an ultimatum. Kailyn and Javi are forced to face each o...
    • Motherducker
      Episode 7
      Kailyn is furious when her pregnancy is leaked. Briana's mom confronts Luis about the new baby. Aubree gets overexcited about Chelsea's new ...
    • 08/14/17
      Leah faces a difficult decision about college. Jenelle and David hit the rocks while setting up their new home. Briana pursues adoption furt...
    • 08/07/17
      Leah investigates a business opportunity but Ali struggles with her illness. Kailyn faces Javi in court over the PFA. Chelsea hears disturbi...
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