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Tails of Valor, hosted by Kel Mitchell, is a live-action half-hour program that features true stories of service animals working to change people’s lives. The program also examines the life science behind these relationships, including the animals’ unique and powerful senses that enable them to protect their human charges. Tails of Valor will focus on the training and day-to-da more
...y jobs of these incredible animals and the quality of life they provide the people they serve, leaving viewers with a greater understanding and compassion for animals. Viewers will learn to see the world from different perspectives, and how those with disabilities experience everyday life and the challenges they face.
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Tails of Valor Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Tails of Valor Episode Guide


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AIRED ON July 20,2019

Season 1: Episode 19


  • Season 1

      Tails of Valor Season 1 Episode 19: Un-FIN-ished Business | TVBuzer
      Today, we look back at two special stories from season one. First, a therapy dolphin is always there to keep her handler afloat. Plus, a the...
    • 07/13/19
      Today, a therapy parrot perches proudly on her handler's shoulder so he may get back on his feet. Plus, a therapy dog's success inspires his...
    • 07/06/19
      A therapy dog helps its young handler find a happy place; a therapy dog helps its handler with PTSD but has challenges of its own....
    • 06/29/19
      A look back at two stories from Season 1; a therapy dog uses surfing to calm its handler; a horse and a dog help their handler find comfort....
    • The Rat Pack
      Episode 15
      An Australian shepherd becomes more than a hero to his handler. Plus, the small and furry service animals who are always by your side - rats...
    • 05/11/19
      A Labrador connects with its new handler....
    • 05/04/19
      A border collie provides comfort to its handler; a Labrador connects with its new handler....
    • 04/27/19
      Today, a look back at two favorite therapy animals from this season. First, a pig named Maggie helps a kid feel comfortable in his own skin....
    • 04/20/19
      Today, we meet a yellow lab who pulls double duty when he cares after a pair of twins with diabetes. Plus, Chewy the Pig lives up to his nam...
    • 04/13/19
      Today, two bouncy and playful goats shower love and energy on their handler with autism, keeping him safe and happy. Plus, a poodle saves th...
    • 04/06/19
      Today, we meet a golden retriever who helps his handler find herself again after a scary experience abroad. Plus, a miniature horse named Ho...
    • The Lab-rynth
      Episode 8
      A horse becomes the rock that a little girl with Asperger's needs to thrive outside of her comfort zone. Then, a black lab helps a young boy...
    • A Lot of Hope
      Episode 7
      A black lab helps a former police officer cope with life after the force. Then, a horse helps a woman with special needs become relaxed, foc...
    • 02/09/19
      A miniature pot-bellied pig gives a little boy the confidence and comfort he needs to make friends and to be himself. Then, a poodle is the ...
    • 02/02/19
      A miniature horse is the perfect service animal for one diabetic dog trainer. Then, a yellow lab gives his handler new hope the moment he wa...
    • Donkey Duties
      Episode 4
      A young boy with autism finds his perfect sidekick in a donkey. Plus, a college student saves the life of a pigeon, so the pigeon returns th...
    • 01/19/19
      After years of trying to find the right therapy animal, this veteran finds perfect match in an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin. Plus, parents fi...
    • Dynamic Doggo
      Episode 2
      A black lab keeps a veteran and her family comfortable after coming home from being deployed overseas. Plus, a horse and a dog pair up to fo...
    • Surf's Pup!
      Episode 1
      A surfing dog helps a young boy find his confidence in the water. Plus, Stanley the poodle helps a young woman with a heart defect feel safe...
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