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Episode Summary: Probst virtually connects by video with all 20 players to discuss the highlights of the season.
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AMC's Quiz Grabs Your Attention and Never Lets Go

Beginning Sunday, May 31, AMC will air Quiz, a three-part drama from writer James Graham and director Stephen Frears detailing the meteoric rise of Britain's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and the stunning cheating scandal that threatened to tear it down. With clever writing, an excellent cast, and inspired direction, Quiz propels you through the episodes with breakneck speed. By the time Who Wants to Be a Millionaire landed in the US, it was already a phenomenon in the UK. Historic ratin... more

Quiet Please... Justly Emotes and Explains the Horrors of Misophonia

Quiet Please... is justly, emotionally, and informatively presented for friends, acquaintances, strangers, and ignorant employers who don't believe misophonia is a "legit" disability. Furthermore, it's a beautiful example of a tool made to assist those who really do care and want to help those who suffer around them. Full disclaimer: I'm a sufferer of this nasty condition. I have had to address an employer for refusing to acknowledge it as an "actual" disability. I've also had to a... more



Fall TV Upfronts: CW, Fox and ABC Join CBS and NBC in Scrapping Live Events

Fox, ABC and The CW — like CBS and NBC — have decided to scrap their annual live Fall TV Upfront presentations, due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. On Monday, May 11, Fox will “host a digital presentation for the advertising community to preview the latest programming and schedule,” instead of trotting out stars and numbers wonks at the Beacon Theatre. On Thursday, May 14, The CW will forgo a star-studded affair at the New York City Center to instead pursue “an alternative plan to communicate its strat... more

Coronavirus Crisis: #OneChicago and NCIS Franchises, Svu and Good Fight Halt Production - View Complete List

The list of TV shows that have shut down production due to coronavirus continues to grow. CBS TV Studios on Thursday announced that it would delay or halt production on at least a half-dozen series, including the entire NCIS franchise (Los Angeles, New Orleans and Original Flavor), as well as Bull, Dynasty and The Good Fight. Meanwhile, The Neighborhood will film its Season 2 finale without a studio audience. “Over the past few ... more

Survivor Recap: #DropYourBuffs!

If there’s anything that can topple a player’s well-strategized pre-merge game, it’s Jeff Probst’s pesky tribe swap. That’s right, Survivor fans: It’s time for these winners to drop their buffs! For players like Rob and Parvati, this swap is probably a good thing. It could help them link up with allies from Dakal, which might raise their social ranking as they inch toward the merge. But for others, like Sandra or Tony, a reshuffling of the deck could le... more


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