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Cam Calloway is a basketball phenom in his early 20’s who is suddenly thrust into the limelight after signing a multi-million dollar contract with a professional basketball team in Atlanta. Cam, along with his cousin, and confidant Reggie Vaughn move to Georgia to start Cam’s journey to success. The two confront the challenges of carrying opportunistic family members and their more
...strong ties to the impoverished community that they come from. Cam, Reggie, and an unforgettable group of characters wrestle with the rewards and pitfalls of stardom, love, and loyalty.
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Survivor's Remorse Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Survivor's Remorse Episode Guide



  • Season 4
    • 10/22/17
      Cam and Reggie are at odds about getting involved in a deal that involves abandoned school property, Missy is determined to pursue any lead ...
    • Family Ties
      Episode 9
      Cassie visits Rodney in prison as part of her journey to her Catholic confirmation. Reggie tries to persuade Cam to invest in Chen's real es...
    • Future Plans
      Episode 8
      Cam reveals to Reggie that he's about to propose marriage to Allison. Reggie gives Cam some unexpected advice about the engagement process. ...
    • Optics
      Episode 7
      M-Chuck's visit to an African-American Museum leads her to challenge a major philanthropic donor. Reggie tries to convince Chen to usher him...
    • Reparations
      Episode 6
      Chen suspects Cassie may be having an affair, Flaherty tries to dissuade Cam from getting involved in the Players' Union and Missy discovers...
    • The Gala
      Episode 5
      Missy has planned and extraordinary gala which will promote the altruistic goals of The Calloway Philanthropic Trust. Anyone who is anyone i...
    • 09/10/17
      Cam and Allison come face to face with an unpleasant side effect of fame. Missy tries to get Reggie on board with the idea of her working si...
    • Closure
      Episode 3
      M-Chuck has unconventional ideas about closure and Cam sees his father in a new light. Reggie and Trent head north....
    • Repercussions
      Episode 2
      Cam's visit to Walpole sends him on a wild goose chase in to the past, Missy gets a worrisome phone call, and M-Chuck gives some teenagers a...
    • Fallout
      Episode 1
      Cam, Reggie, and Mary Charles' attempts to reconcile their paternal relationships see varying results. Cassie and Chen attempt to enjoy thei...
  • Season 3
    • Father's Day
      Episode 10
      Reggie's father makes a sudden appearance in Atlanta; Cassie meets Chen's parents....
    • 09/18/16
      Cam learns secrets about his family's past, then must deal with the fallout....
    • Mystery Team
      Episode 8
      Reggie and Flaherty battle over a contract extension for Cam....
    • The Guests
      Episode 7
      Cam and Reggie return to Boston for a wedding; M-Chuck pursues relationships with many different women....
    • 08/21/16
      Following a DNA test, Cassie meets a new family who helps her experience the traditions of the culture; Cam and Reggie attempt to get rid of...
    • 08/14/16
      Media-consultant Missy deals with fallout from a suspect decision at Cam's photo shoot; Chen and Cassie deal with their long-distance relati...
    • 08/07/16
      A scandal erupts after Cam's words during an interview are taken out of context, leading to the creation of the Calloway Philanthropic Trust...
    • 07/31/16
      Reggie and Missy argue about the importance of modern manners and the role of social etiquette after they meet a wealthy Atlanta couple....
    • The Ritual
      Episode 2
      The Calloway and Vaughns comfort one another as they try to navigate their way through the most trying ritual of their lives in Atlanta....
    • 07/24/16
      The family copes with the tragic loss of a family member and the sudden hole it leaves in their lives....
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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