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Episode Summary: Sam and Dean continue to worry about the condition of Jack's soul.
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Regret and sorrow. Mary's fate was revealed on Supernatural Season 14 Episode 18, and it forged a new path for everyone involved. It wasn't surprising that Jack had accidentally killed Mary. It was pretty much a given at the end of Supernatural Season 14 Episode 17. It's true when someone close to us dies that it's hard to accept that the person will no longer be part of our lives. We don't want to believe it's real, and it takes time to get over it. We know ... more



Supernatural Fall Finale Recap: Oh, Brother - Plus, Hell Gets a New Leader

A moment almost 10 years in the making finally came to fruition during Supernatural‘s fall finale when Dean and Sam’s quest to take down God led them to a reunion with their half-brother Adam. Dean thinks the answer to stopping a weakened Chuck lies in the demon tablet, so the boys enlist Donatello to translate it, hoping to find a way to lock up God like he locked up his sister The Darkness. (Killing God would be very bad for creation, Sam explains.) Donatel... more

'Supernatural': Rob Benedict on Chuck and Sam's Cosmic Connection

As the final season of “Supernatural” inches toward the series’ end, it does so with one quintessential question looming over the show: Will the Winchesters have to kill God — aka Chuck (Rob Benedict) — and if they succeed, does that mean all of existence or simply Sam (Jared Padalecki) will cease to, well, exist? “It’s Season 15 and it’s as epic as it gets: It’s Sam and Dean versus God. Th... more

Supernatural Twist: An Old Foe Is Back!

Remember that story Chuck was writing on Supernatural? Well, it features one heckuva blast from the past. During Thursday’s episode, Dean and Sam are investigating a werewolf case when they discover that the sweet blonde girl they rescued is actually… Lilith! Yes, the white-eyed demon whose death released Lucifer from his cage over a decade ago in Season 4. (How’s that for a Throwback Thursday?) Lilith was dead in the Empty, but then... more


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