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A drama about a dysfunctional media family dynasty in the 21st century. The Roy family – Logan Roy and his four children – controls one of the biggest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world. "Succession" tracks their lives as they contemplate what the future will hold for them once their ageing father begins to step back from the company.
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'Succession' Creator Jesse Armstrong Signs HBO Overall Deal

“Succession” boss Jesse Armstrong has inked a three-years overall deal at HBO, Variety has confirmed. Armstrong created the critically-acclaimed series and also serves as showrunner and executive producer. Armstrong formerly co-created the popular UK comedy series “Peep Show” and “Fresh Meat.” He also worked on the hit HBO comedy “Veep” during the... more Comments

Writers Guild Unveils 2020 TV Award Nominees

“The Simpsons” is leading the way with three Writers Guild of America nominations, followed by two each for “Bob’s Burgers,” “The Crown,” “Dead to Me,” “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” “Pen15,” “Russian Doll,” “Succession,” “... more Comments

How The Golden Globes Celebrate Cinematic Television (Column)

When Martin Scorsese complains that a Marvel movie isn’t cinema, he’s not wrong. But his critique of the commercialism undergirding those movies is expressed in the language and tone of an old crank defending a fading novelty from some darned, degenerate kids. It’s not that the theatrical movie-going experience (so sacred!) is going away anytime soon. But it is in danger of becoming the equivalent of attending a live jazz show — something a small group of people do regularly, a slightly larger group of people do on special occasions... more Comments

'Succession' Star Sarah Snook on That Shocking Season Finale and Shiv Halloween Costumes

The “Succession” season two finale took fans by surprise with its shocking cliffhanger, and even Sarah Snook (Shiv Roy) was caught off guard by the script. “Episode 10 of season two, I was reading by myself in my trailer, and no on was around but I still had my hands over my face, covering my mouth in shock. It came out of left field,” Snook told Variety’s Angelique Jackson at the Au... more Comments

Performer of the Week: Edi Patterson

THE PERFORMER | Edi Patterson THE SHOW | The Righteous Gemstones THE EPISODE | “Better is the End of a Thing Than Its Beginning” (O... more Comments

What to Watch While You Wait For 'Succession' to Return

In a post-”Game of Thrones” era, HBO’s “Succession” seems to be everyone’s new favorite show. The dark-humored drama may not kill off nearly as much of its cast as “Thrones” did, but it still gives fans plenty of plot twists, memorable lines and characters that you love to hate. The series takes family drama to a whole new level with the Roy siblings, Connor, Kendall, Roman and Shiv, who plot against one other and their father, Logan, th... more Comments

'Succession': Matthew Macfadyen on the Status of 'Tomelette' After Season 2 Finale

Matthew Macfadyen hasn’t even seen the second season finale of “Succession” yet, but says he wasn’t surprised by how it ended when he read the script. Over the course of the series, Macfadyen’s character Tom has suffered at the expense of the Roy family on personal and professional levels. Will he turn a new leaf in Season 3? Variety spoke with Macfadyen about the state of his on-screen marriage, Tom’s current footing at ATN, and that ... more Comments

Succession Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Did Logan Throw Overboard?

Succession‘s Roy family wrapped up Season 2 by hashing out their issues aboard a luxury yacht… and one key character went down with the ship. Sunday’s finale starts back in D.C., with a bewildered Cousin Greg withering under the glaring spotlight of a tough Congressional inquiry, while Logan takes a call from a big-time shareholder, warning him that someone needs to take the fall for the cruise ship scandal… and “we feel that probably it should be you.” ... more Comments

'Succession' Review: Season 2 Finale Crowns a Killer and Comes for the King

Kendall didn’t win a kiss from daddy, so he gave him one instead. Fredo’s kiss was the final piece of an intricate puzzle that began and ended with Kendall Roy giving an awkward press conference at the behest of his father, Logan (Brian Cox). When the season began, everyone in the Roy family just hoped Kendall could keep it together on camera for the duration of a vacation-interrupting interview, but in his latest direct address, he delivered a death blow: telling the media gathered and the world watching that he wasn’t ... more Comments

'Succession' Stars Nicholas Braun, Matthew Macfadyen Break Down How To Make a Tomelette

You can’t make a Tomelette without breaking some Greggs, and you can’t get through an episode of ‘Succession’ without a few rounds of riffing, at least according to Nicholas Braun (who plays Greg Hirsch) and Matthew Macfadyen (who portrays Tom Wamsgans). “We basically improv in probably every scene to some capacity,” says Braun. Though the majority of the scenes are written to a T, the actors also get “freebies” where they are given creative freedom and... more Comments

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