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Episode Summary: A trip to the UK finds the Roy kids negotiating with their mother. Logan turns to Rhea for advice. Greg and Tom get spooked by an internal investigation.
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That was intense. It's a testament not only to the incredible writing of Jonathan Glatzer and Jesse Armstrong but also the performances from each actor who dealt with tension so fierce it made viewers bristle. Succession Season 2 Episode 7 noted Kendall's return to England, Rhea's continued involvement with Logan, and Tom ineffectively dealing with the fallout of the Parks and Cruises sexual allegations. Let's start with Tom's inability to smoke out a couple of attorney... more



'Succession': Matthew Macfadyen on the Status of 'Tomelette' After Season 2 Finale

Matthew Macfadyen hasn’t even seen the second season finale of “Succession” yet, but says he wasn’t surprised by how it ended when he read the script. Over the course of the series, Macfadyen’s character Tom has suffered at the expense of the Roy family on personal and professional levels. Will he turn a new leaf in Season 3? Variety spoke with Macfadyen about the state of his on-screen marriage, Tom’s current footing at ATN, and that chick... more

Succession Season 2 Finale Recap: Who Did Logan Throw Overboard?

Succession‘s Roy family wrapped up Season 2 by hashing out their issues aboard a luxury yacht… and one key character went down with the ship. Sunday’s finale starts back in D.C., with a bewildered Cousin Greg withering under the glaring spotlight of a tough Congressional inquiry, while Logan takes a call from a big-time shareholder, warning him that someone needs to take the fall for the cruise ship scandal… and “we feel that probably it should be you.” Logan... more

'Succession' Review: Season 2 Finale Crowns a Killer and Comes for the King

Kendall didn’t win a kiss from daddy, so he gave him one instead. Fredo’s kiss was the final piece of an intricate puzzle that began and ended with Kendall Roy giving an awkward press conference at the behest of his father, Logan (Brian Cox). When the season began, everyone in the Roy family just hoped Kendall could keep it together on camera for the duration of a vacation-interrupting interview, but in his latest direct address, he delivered a death blow: telling the media gathered and the world watching that he wasn’t respo... more




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