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A drama about a dysfunctional media family dynasty in the 21st century. The Roy family – Logan Roy and his four children – controls one of the biggest media and entertainment conglomerates in the world. "Succession" tracks their lives as they contemplate what the future will hold for them once their ageing father begins to step back from the company.
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Succession: SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: This Is Not for Tears | TVBuzer

Aired: October 13,2019

Logan weighs whether a member of the family--or a top lieutenant--will need to be sacrificed to salvage the company's tarnished reputation. Roman shares his hesitations about a new source of financing, as Kendall suggests a familiar alternative.... more

Succession LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



If that doesn't get your juices pumping in anticipation of the finale, what on earth would do it for you? On Succession Season 2 Episode 9, it's all hands on deck as Logan tries to deal with the whistleblower complaint. But despite the incredible actions of Kendall, Shiv, and Roman, in the end, it's apparent a sacrifice must be made to keep the shareholders happy. Who will it be? We can only guess. Gerri was the first to offer a solution to their whistleblower... more


Rhea is good. She's very good at manipulating the Roy kids by playing to their insecurities. But on Succession Season 2 Episode 8, she learned she's no match to their years of cunning, and even when they aren't all on the same team, an outsider is going to lose. Set against the backdrop of Logan's hometown, he, too, got manipulated into naming his successor. Shiv's attempt to rally her brothers to her side of thinking was rather slow-going at first. ... more


That was intense. It's a testament not only to the incredible writing of Jonathan Glatzer and Jesse Armstrong but also the performances from each actor who dealt with tension so fierce it made viewers bristle. Succession Season 2 Episode 7 noted Kendall's return to England, Rhea's continued involvement with Logan, and Tom ineffectively dealing with the fallout of the Parks and Cruises sexual allegations. Let's start with Tom's inability to smoke out a couple o... more



Succession: 'Succession' Showrunner Hopes to Start Shooting Season 3 in New York Before Christmas (Exclusive) News | TVBuzer

'Succession' Showrunner Hopes to Start Shooting Season 3 in New York Before Christmas (Exclusive)

“Succession” could be back in production before the end of the year (with a big emphasis on could). Season 3 of the hit HBO series, which recently garnered a whopping 18 Emmy nominations, was originally scheduled to start shooting in April, but for obvious COVID-19 related reasons, production has been delayed indefinitely. The plan, at least for now, is “trying to think about starting shooting in New York before Christmas,” according to showrunner and creator  more

Succession: Why 'Succession' Rap 'L to the Og' Isn't in the Hunt for an Emmy, and More on One of the TV Academy's Weirder Categories News | TVBuzer

Why 'Succession' Rap 'L to the Og' Isn't in the Hunt for an Emmy, and More on One of the TV Academy's Weirder Categories

The Emmy nomination ballots are now closed, but in scouring this year’s entries, I was sad to see that “Succession” composer Nicholas Britell didn’t submit the show’s seminal Season 2 rap, “L to the OG.” Featured in the “Succession” episode “Dundee,” the song was one of the cringiest, most memorable moments of the last TV season: At a black-tie dinner celebrating mega-mogul Logan Roy’s 50th year running Waystar Royco, his son Kendall ... more

Succession: Producers Guild Awards Nominees Include '1917,' 'Parasite,' 'Succession,' 'Fleabag' News | TVBuzer

Producers Guild Awards Nominees Include '1917,' 'Parasite,' 'Succession,' 'Fleabag'

The Producers Guild of America has revealed its nominees in the motion picture and television categories for its 31st Annual Producers Guild Awards; nominees include recent Golden Globe winners “1917,” “Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood,” “Missing Link,” “Succession,” “Fleabag” and “Chernobyl.” The PGA, which has about 8,200 members, has matched the Oscar for best pictur... more


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