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Based on the graphic novel series, “Stumptown” follows Dex Parios – a strong, assertive and sharp-witted army veteran with a complicated love life, gambling debt and a brother to take care of in Portland, Oregon. Her military intelligence skills make her a great PI, but her unapologetic style puts her in the firing line of hardcore criminals and not quite in alliance with the p more
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Stumptown: SEASON 1, EPISODE 9: Dex Education | TVBuzer

Aired: December 11,2019

Dex goes undercover as a high school substitute teacher after an old classmate of hers enlists her help to find out who planted drugs on her daughter. Meanwhile, Dex and Liz's relationship gets too close for comfort.... more

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The Other Woman

You can run from it, sink it to the bottom of the ocean, bury it seven feet underground, but in the end, the past never stays buried. Dex was learning that the hard way on Stumptown Season 1 Episode 8 as she was confronted with a ghost from her past that has haunted her the past 12 years.  Was Dex able to confront her past and exorcise her demons? Read our review as we discuss! We've been getting breadcrumbs dropped about Benny and Dex's time in the war sinc... more

November Surprise

What lines are you willing to cross?  Dex was learning just where she draws her own lines on Stumptown Season 1 Episode 7 during her latest case. Unfortunately for Dex, having a moral compass isn't always profitable.   Read on through our review as we discuss just what Dex's conscious cost her and make sure to catch up and watch Stumptown online at BTVGuide!  Dex Parois: The P.I. with heart.  Dex may come off hard with her rough exterior, bu... more

Dex, Drugs and Rock & Roll

When you're feeling lost, it feels great to take comfort in the familiar, but in the end, it's just a Band-Aid.  On Stumptown Season 1 Episode 6, when Dex's ex Fiona comes back to town it is easy for her to get lost in their past to forget about her present. Dex quickly learns, though, that you can't run from your problems. Read our review and watch Stumptown online to find out how Dex is juggling her various hats and suitors. Exes are a strange thing. They... more



Stumptown: Stumptown Recap: Dex's Mess - Plus, Grey Must 'Face the Facts' in Fall Finale News | TVBuzer

Stumptown Recap: Dex's Mess - Plus, Grey Must 'Face the Facts' in Fall Finale

A Stumptown love triangle is solidified in the freshman drama’s fall finale, which picks up the morning after Dex and Liz’s supposed hookup. At the start of “Dex Education,” Dex wakes up next to Grey’s very naked girlfriend. The unlikely bedfellows can remember leaving the casino and coming back to Dex’s place, but they can’t remember whether or not they had sex. Liz sneaks out to avoid Ansel (by jumping from a second-story balcony!), then makes ... more

Stumptown: TV News Roundup: 'Stumptown' Adds Inbar Lavi in Guest Role News | TVBuzer

TV News Roundup: 'Stumptown' Adds Inbar Lavi in Guest Role

CASTINGS Inbar Lavi has been cast in a recurring guest role on ABC’s “Stumptown.” Last seen on Netflix’s “Lucifer” as Eve, this new role will feature the actress as Max, a skilled and thrill seeking car thief wrapped up in a sophisticated auto theft ring. Lavi was also previously seen as the female lead of NBC’s “I... more

Stumptown: TVLine Items: Inbar Lavi to Stumptown, The Flash Adds New Genius and More News | TVBuzer

TVLine Items: Inbar Lavi to Stumptown, The Flash Adds New Genius and More

Inbar Lavi (Lucifer) is adding a criminal element to Stumptown: The actress has booked a three-episode guest arc on the ABC drama, per The Hollywood Reporter. Lavi’s character Max is described as a thrill-seeking car thief who is part of an auto theft ring. The actress’ other TV credits include Imposters, Prison Break, The Last Ship and Gang Related. ... more


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