• Stitchers Season 2 Episode 10: All In | TVBuzer
    All In
    Episode 10
    Kirsten is angered by Liam's treachery, but before she can find her father to seek answers, he disappears. She searches for information, but...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 9: The Guest | TVBuzer
    The Guest
    Episode 9
    Mitchell Blair directs Kirsten to shut down all investigation into finding her father. But Kirsten has finally made contact with someone she...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 8: Red Eye | TVBuzer
    Red Eye
    Episode 8
    The Stitchers team goes into overdrive when a plane lands in Los Angeles with multiple dead passengers and no apparent cause. Now racing aga...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 7: Pretty Little Lawyers | TVBuzer
    When a bright, young lawyer is found dead, the team suspects she was murdered because of a case she was working on. After theorizing the law...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 6: The Dying Shame | TVBuzer
    After a Chinese pop star is murdered, her bodyguard Mei Ling is accused of negligence in letting the crime happen. But when Kirsten stitches...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 5: Midnight Stitchers | TVBuzer
    When a young woman falls to her death with a cryptic note attached to her body, Kirsten is convinced the message is somehow tied to her own ...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 4: The 2 Deaths of Jamie B. | TVBuzer
    When an unidentified, severely damaged body is recovered in a dumpster, Kirsten's stitch divulges that the victim has two death scenes from ...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 3: The One That Got Away | TVBuzer
    When Fisher's mentor turns up dead, Kirsten's stitch reveals the officer was murdered by a serial killer she's been chasing for years. The S...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 2: Hack Me If You Can | TVBuzer
    When a hacker is found dead, the team learns he blackmailed an Ashley Madison-like website and threatened to release their client list onlin...
  • Stitchers Season 2 Episode 1: 2.0 | TVBuzer
    Episode 1
    Kirsten successfully revives Cameron, but finds that stitching into a live consciousness is now causing her to experience real emotions for ...