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Episode Summary: Cameron's estranged father, currently serving time in prison for white-collar crimes, is accused of murdering a prison guard. Going against protocol, Kirsten stitches into the guard's memory for clues.
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Cameron Uncovers New Information About His Father During a Case

Stitchers delivers an emotional roller coaster of an episode with "Paternis." At first, it seems like it's just going to focus on Cameron's family -- specifically, his past and (lack of) present relationship with his father -- but instead we get a look at other characters' past familial relationships as well. By the end of it, there are upheavals in nearly every relationship on the show (even if some people may not know it yet).Camille is waiting (quite impatiently and with arms outstretched to catch i... more


Well, that was depressing. For once the flashbacks were not Kirsten-centric on Stitchers Season 3 Episode 5 "Paternis." Instead, we glimpsed moments from Cameron, Camille, and Linus' childhoods. And no one was happy. Not then, and not now. We may as well start with the case of the week since it struck a personal tone. Cameron's father, James Miller, was accused of killing a prison guard. And, in case you forgot, Miller's been in prison for 14 years. If you d... more



'Stitchers' Interview: Kyle Harris on That Season Finale Camsten Twist and Hopes for Season 4

A lot happened in the Stitchers season 3 finale, and not only did it end on a major cliffhanger, but the future of the show is still up in the air, as Freeform has yet to renew it. But for now, you can find out what Kyle Harris had to say about that big twist at the end and what he hopes happens going forward in a potential season 4. ¢â‚¬¨And speaking of another season, don't expect things to be fine and dandy between Cameron and Ivy just because she was playin... more

Kyle Harris Previews the 'Stitchers' Season Finale: 'This Is the Most on Edge We'll Have Ever Seen Cameron'

Stitchers season 3 is coming to an end with a crazy finale, and TVBuz spoke to series star Kyle Harris to find out what to expect in "Maternis." He also discussed Cameron's promotion and getting to meet his parents this season. It's been a rough season for Kirsten and Cameron, but things are looking up, especially since Linus has provided them with a working oxytocin filter. So, going into the finale, Harris said, "it's the happiest they've been together in a long whil... more

'Stitchers' Season 3 Finale Teasers: Cast Previews a Cliffhanger You Won't See Coming

If Freeform hasn't already decided to renew Stitchers, the season 3 finale will make it a necessity. Set to capitalize on the parental theme of the season, episode 10 will undoubtedly cause an already devoted fanbase to redouble their renewal efforts. Executive producer Jeffrey Alan Schechter previewed Monday's episode at San Diego Comic-Con last month, promising a cliffhanger of epic proportions.  As viewers know, "Maternis" will feature Kirsten's most daring stitch... more


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