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Aired: Mar 26, 2020 , Thursday at 20:00 on ABC

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Episode Summary: After some tense and traumatic experiences, the firefighters get a visit from a psychologist.
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Something About What Happens When We Talk

There were no literal fires this episode, but things still got pretty intense. Picking up in the immediate aftermath of Rigo's death, Station 19 Season 3 Episode 10 wasted no time in getting our favorite firefighters the help they needed. No one was particularly excited about the prospect of seeing a trauma specialist, but in the end, they were all the better off for it. While breakthroughs rarely happen in an hour -- let alone in a person's first therapy session -- th... more



Station 19 Recap: Talk Is Deep - Plus, Does [Spoiler] Really Love [Spoiler]?

Thursday’s Station 19 began with a collective groan from the firefighters, whom Maya was making stay after their shift to sit through a “critical-incident stress debriefing” in the wake of Rigo’s death. Travis was so tired, he grumbled, “My eyes are starting to move independently of each other.” But by the time the episode concluded, he and his fellow first-responders’ exasperated sighs were drowned out by gasps as they shared more than we — ... more

Station 19 Review: When We Weren't Looking, the Grey's Spinoff Caught Fire

When it was announced that Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 were switching time slots, in part to facilitate more crossovers, I’ll admit I groaned. I even did it in print. Like many a Grey’s viewer, I felt like I wasn’t being invited or encouraged to tune in to its spinoff so much as I was being forced. Making matters worse, my reaction to the little bit of Station 19 that I’d already seen (back i... more

Station 19 Recap: Chief Among Them - Plus, Is [Spoiler] Down for the Count?

Not a single Grey’s Anatomy character was featured in Thursday’s Station 19 — and that was actually OK. “Indoor Fireworks” burned brightly on its own merits, introducing a new fire chief who’s as obnoxious as Koracick at his worst, using Ben’s history to alter the course of his future, setting up Jack for what promises to be one ugly showdown, and returning Ryan to Seattle just in time for tragedy to strike. Read on... more


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