Star Trek: Picard

Aired: Jan 09, 2020 , Thursday at 3:00 on CBS All Access

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Episode Summary: 12 year-old classmates Kima and Lil find themselves at odds with each other on a day that will change their lives forever.
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'Star Trek: Picard' Star Patrick Stewart Announces Free Month of CBS All Access

Engage(d audience)! Actor Patrick Stewart announced on Tuesday that, starting immediately, CBS All Access is offering a month free subscription to anyone in the U.S. through April 23. The announcement comes just as tens of millions of Americans are finding themselves sequestered at home during the COVID-19 pandemic — and just as Stewart’s CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Picard&rd... more

Star Trek: Picard: Jean-Luc Reunites With Old Friends Riker and Troi

This week’s Star Trek: Picard was a lovely stroll down memory lane for Next Generation fans, as Jean-Luc sought the counsel and companionship of his old Enterprise pals Will Riker and Deanna Troi. After Jean-Luc and Soji zap through that transporter portal thingie on the Borg cube, they find themselves on the idyllic planet of Nepenthe, where they’re quickly greeted by a young girl pointing a bow and arrow at them. Jean-Luc address... more

'Star Trek: Picard' Review: Episode 4 Proves Resistance to This Series Was Always Futile

Stand down from red alert! “Star Trek: Picard” seems to have course corrected from its lackluster first three episodes in the engaging adventure that is “Absolute Candor.” At last, this show is no longer just a talky chamber drama with characters doing little more than speaking to each other while sitting in chairs of various comfort levels. Intriguingly, each of the previous three episodes had multiple credited writers, while this one only had one: showrunner Michael... more


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