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Ten years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise, the USS Discovery discovers new worlds and lifeforms as one Starfleet officer learns to understand all things alien.
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Star Trek: Discovery Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Star Trek: Discovery Episode Guide


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AIRED ON January 07,2021

Season 3: Episode 13


  • Season 3
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 01/07/21 AT 03:00 AM ON CBS All Access

      Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 13: That Hope Is You (2) | TVBuzer
      As the Emerald Chain tightens its grip, can the mystery of the Burn finally be solved? Burnham and the crew have one last chance to save the...
    • 12/31/20
      After capturing the U.S.S. Discovery, Osyraa seeks a meeting with Admiral Vance while Burnham and the crew must overcome unimaginable odds a...
    • Su'Kal
      Episode 11
      Discovery ventures to the Verubin Nebula, where Burnham, Saru and Culber make a shocking realization about the origin of the Burn. The rest ...
    • 12/17/20
      Georgiou uncovers the truth about the plot against her, leading her to a revelation about how deeply her time on the U.S.S. Discovery change...
    • 12/10/20
      The crew journey to a mysterious planet in hopes of finding a cure for Georgiou's deteriorating condition. Stamets and Adira make a breakthr...
    • The Sanctuary
      Episode 8
      Burnham and the Discovery crew travel to Book's home planet to help rescue it from Osyraa, the formidable leader of the Emerald Chain. Stame...
    • 11/26/20
      While grappling with the fallout of her recent actions, and what her future might hold, Burnham agrees to represent the Federation in an int...
    • Scavengers
      Episode 6
      After receiving a message from Book, Burnham and Georgiou embark on a rogue mission to find him, leaving Saru to pick up the pieces with Adm...
    • Die Trying
      Episode 5
      After reuniting with what remains of Starfleet and the Federation, the U.S.S. Discovery and its crew must prove that a 930 year old crew and...
    • Forget Me Not
      Episode 4
      Burnham and Adira visit the Trill homeworld in hopes of unlocking the secrets trapped within Adira's mind. Back on the U.S.S. Discovery, Sar...
    • 10/29/20
      Finally reunited, Burnham and the U.S.S. Discovery crew journey to Earth, eager to learn what happened to the Federation in their absence....
    • Far from Home
      Episode 2
      After the USS Discovery crashes on a strange planet, the crew finds themselves running out of time to repair their ship. Meanwhile, Saru and...
    • 10/15/20
      Arriving 930 years into her future, Burnham navigates a galaxy she no longer recognizes while searching for the rest of the Discovery crew....
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