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Rookies learn the ropes. Veterans burn out. Detectives take their work personally. Partners take their addictions too far. Relationships fall apart. Blood spatter patterns provide clues. With fast-moving action filmed on gangland streets and in pricey cul-de-sacs, Southland tells personal stories of men and women on both sides of the badge as they struggle to make a difference more
...or simply survive.
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Southland: SEASON 5, EPISODE 10: Reckoning | TVBuzer

Aired: April 17,2013

John copes with the aftermath of his kidnapping. Sammy closes in on the real robbers. Lydia continues to pursue John's kidnappers and becomes more intimate with Russell.... more

Southland LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



After watching "Reckoning," it all seemed inevitable... yet the very end still took me by complete surprise. What was with RHD holding back so much information after 18 days of searching for Lucero's killer? Dewey was absolutely right. We knew at least one of the guys got money with their ATM cards. Why withhold those photos from the rest of the department? Was it all about one man looking for glory at the expense of capturing a cop killer? In the end,... more


The episode begins with the team chasing a suspect, the same guy who had kidnapped Lucero and Cooper. Sammy and two other cops are in a chopper and the guy fires some shots at the chopper. The fuel begins to leak and Sammy is tensed. Cut to ten hours earlier, Lydia arrives at the house where Lucero and Cooper were being held. Cooper tells his ex-wife that he is moving back into his apartment. She doesn’t want Cooper to leave, but he assures her that he will be fine. Brooke arrives at Elena’s house and... more

No One Is Safe

It doesn't seem all that long ago that we watched Nate be bludgeoned to death by a rioting gang. That scene still haunts me. And, once again, Southland hit us with "Chaos." It's difficult to pick the right words to describe what happened to Cooper and Lucero. Brutal, certainly. Graphic, most definitely. Heart wrenching, without a doubt. They say that no routine stop is ever routine - and as John and Hank came up on some tweaked out meth head pulling copper wire out of a construc... more



Southland: Casting Bits: 'Pretty Little Liars' Adds Dre Davis, Emily Bergl to Appear on 'Scandal,' and More News | TVBuzer

Casting Bits: 'Pretty Little Liars' Adds Dre Davis, Emily Bergl to Appear on 'Scandal,' and More

Pretty Little Liars, Scandal and Nashville are just some of the TV shows that are making room for new characters. Here's a roundup of the latest casting news:  Dre Davis on Pretty Little Liars  Dre Davis is coming to Rosewood. The former Proj... more

Southland: Fall 2014 First Impressions: The 5 Most Exciting New Shows News | TVBuzer

Fall 2014 First Impressions: The 5 Most Exciting New Shows

All five major networks have released their schedules for Fall 2014, including 24 new shows. Based on the announcements, time slots and trailers released by the networks, it's easy to make snap judgments to decide which shows you should get excited about and which ones you can write off. Based on these first impressions, here are five shows I'm very excited about seeing this fall, one from each network. Marry Me (NBC, Tuesdays at 9pm, Watch More New NBC ... more

Southland: [Videos] First Look at FOX's New Fall 2014 Dramas: 'Gotham,' 'Red Band Society' and 'Gracepoint' News | TVBuzer

[Videos] First Look at FOX's New Fall 2014 Dramas: 'Gotham,' 'Red Band Society' and 'Gracepoint'

FOX announced their new series and schedule for the 2014-15 television series today. They have two new fall dramas, plus an event series. FOX has released trailers for Gotham, Red Band Society and Gracepoint Check out the new series and their trailers now. Gotham (Mondays at 8pm) more


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    I find you disheartening ADKJack. PUT WAY YOUR YOUR GUN AND THEN SHUT UP!!!


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    Just watched my last episode of Southland. I find it disheartening and unethical for Hollywood to spew it's misinformed, uneducated views of anti-gun propaganda during a TV show. Great one sided view on the subject. The anti-gun sentiment blurted by Ben Sherman. ENTERTAIN ME HOLLYWOOD AND THEN SHUT UP!!! Do your jobs and stop pushing your political agendas on us. We can think for ourselves.