Southern Charm

Aired: Aug 07, 2019 , Thursday at 20:00 on Bravo

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Episode Summary: Shep's ultimatum to Austen is tested after he and Madison reconcile. Meanwhile, Ashley resurfaces asking for a 'second' second-chance, which Eliza obliges with an invitation to her Fox Hunt. When Ashley and Kathryn come face-to-face for the first time in a year, the gang prepares for the brawl of the century.
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Kathryn Dennis on 'Southern Charm' Is Reality TV's Best Villain

Every good story needs a villain. Things get a little more complicated on our favorite reality shows, and Bravo's  Southern Charm's is no exception. Kathryn Dennis has emerged as the show's resident baddie, and she makes an excellent villain. Her on again/off again relationship with fellow castmate, Thomas, has provided consistently good TV, and she's reliably the most fun part of the show, even if she's the most nefarious. She's everybody's favorite reality s... more

10 Things Bravo's 'Southern Charm' Gets Right About Being from the South -- And What It Gets Wrong

Southern Charm is the sleeper hit of the Bravo universe. It's in its fourth season, and it's reliably one of the best reality shows airing right now. It follows the lives of a handful of beautiful, rich young people in Charleston, South Carolina. The city of Charleston is almost another character in the show, and so much of how these people live has to do with the region they live in. As a proud Southerner myself, I watch this show with a keen eye every week. So much of what h... more


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