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South Park is an animated series featuring four boys who live in the Colorado town of South Park, which is beset by frequent odd occurrences. The show grew out of a short film that Trey Parker and Matt Stone created called The Spirit of Christmas, and has become an award-winning show that is a unique blend of humor and satire.
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South Park: SEASON 22, EPISODE 10: Bike Parade | TVBuzer

Aired: December 12,2018

Despite the chaos at the Amazon Fulfillment Center, the Bike Parade is still on. The boys' chance of winning is in jeopardy when Kenny resists commercialism in solidarity with the striking workers.... more



Could Have Been Way Better

The episode paled in comparison to other, even much more boring episodes I've seen in the past. The only reason it got a 2 from me was because they revived the old "turd sandwich" joke from the old al gore vs george w bush episodes and reapplied it to directly represent Hillary. They could have put a lot work into making Garrison appear to be Trump, just the fake tan on the face wasn't enough. The situations Garrison was in were appropriate for Trumpt, but they just weren't funny. And the rest of the epis... more

States Full of Swingers

The Star Wars franchise was purchased by Disney this week. Therefore, South Park, in its standard fashion, decided to use something else as a framework to tell the real story they wanted: the presidential election. Thus was the story of "Obama Wins!" Yes, it seemed almost too obvious that the election wouldn’t actually be the real story and between Hurricane Sandy and then the coming election, we might have forgotten about the aforementioned deal. But Matt ... more


What time is it?! Why, it’s thinly-veiled allegory time on this week’s episode of South Park, "A Scause for Applause." Last week's "A Nightmare on Face Time" may have been the Halloween episode, but was all about something even scarier: what happens when you’re revealed as the fraud you fear you've always been? For those living under a rock, this was all a satire on Lance Armstrong’s recent ban for doping and his public stance against it, as... more



South Park: 'South Park' Review: Season 22 Premiere Mocks Americans' Indifference to Gun Violence and 'Dead Kids' News | TVBuzer

'South Park' Review: Season 22 Premiere Mocks Americans' Indifference to Gun Violence and 'Dead Kids'

“South Park” says all it needs to in the title of the Season 22 premiere: “Dead Kids.” It’s a blunt, incendiary choice, and one would think the mere mention of the words would rile people up; that in a country dedicated to freedom and the pursuit of happiness, protecting our nation’s youth would be of the utmost importance; that repeated, redundant discourse about doing something would actually bring about action. But it’s 2018, and the United States is home to 36 school shootings this year alone — and it&... more

South Park: South Park's Season 22 Teaser Calls for the Show's Cancellation News | TVBuzer

South Park's Season 22 Teaser Calls for the Show's Cancellation

South Park fans were understandably confused on Wednesday when a teaser for the show’s upcoming 22nd season ended with the hashtag #CancelSouthPark. But before you join their choir of concern, let’s remember what show we’re talking about here. “America has reached a crossroads,” notes an overly serious voice at the beginning of the teaser, which then asks, “What will we do next?” The answer, apparently, is to #CancelSouthPark, which has inspired a flurr... more

South Park: 7 Times TV Perfectly Captured Our Fear of Technology News | TVBuzer

7 Times TV Perfectly Captured Our Fear of Technology

Technology controls our lives. Whether you like it or not, we depend on it for nearly everything these days. Because of this, many people have a lot of fears about what it's capable of doing. Whether those fears are rational or irrational, it certainly doesn't help when a TV show plays to those fears by acting out exactly what we're worried about. Let's take a look at seven times a TV show has perfectly summed up what scares us about technology. 1. The Dangers of Modern Medicine, more


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