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Sons of Anarchy is an adrenalized drama with darkly comedic undertones that explores a notorious outlaw motorcycle club’s (MC) desire to protect its livelihood while ensuring that their simple, sheltered town of Charming, California remains exactly that, charming. The MC must confront threats from drug dealers, corporate developers, and overzealous law officers. Behind the MC’s more
... familial lifestyle and legally thriving automotive shop is a ruthless and illegal arms business driven by the seduction of money, power, and blood.
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Season Premiere SAMCRO Continues to Crumble

Welcome back to Charming, everyone. We left off season five with Tara being hauled off to prison, Clay also getting hauled off to prison, Juice trying to earn his way back into the club, and Gemma protecting her remaining boys like a feral cat. Bobby gave up his VP position, and Chibs is now Jax's number two. I'm going to assume that we're in for a rough ride for season six, so let's go.Clay Who Must Not Be NamedThe episode begins with Jax as the narrator. He's writing to his boys, no ... more

Season 7 Premiere Jax Works to Restore Balance

In this week's premiere of Sons of Anarchy season 7, Jax does damage control to keep the peace and the club's interests protected. Wendy re-enters the picture. Gemma goes to great lengths to keep her secret. And Patterson continues to investigate Tara's murder. Despite Tara's exhaustive efforts to make sure her boys didn't wind up with their homicidal grandmother, that's exactly where they are less than two weeks after her murder. The kindler, gentler Jax we saw at the end of last season is l... more

Episode end of Sons of Anarchy hits record audience

The FX cable channel exhibited in the United States the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy SAMCRO and did well in his retirement. The series finale was seen by 6.4 million viewers and made incredible 4.2 in the demo, establishing the final ride of Jax as the most watched episode in the history of the series. The audience was so amazing, we arrived to face with open channels. Not only dominated the time of 22h in the American cable TV and drew with Victoria's Secret Fashion Show o... more



Sons of Anarchy: Paul John Vasquez Dies: The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Actor Was 48 News | TVBuzer

Paul John Vasquez Dies: The 'Sons Of Anarchy' Actor Was 48

Known for appearing in the FX series Sons of Anarchy, actor Paul John Vasquez died Monday in San Jose, Calif. from unknown causes. He was 48. According to multiple reports, Vasquez was found dead at his father’s home. His father found him unconscious and called the paramedics. He was unable to be revived. The cause of death is currently being investigated. He was born and raised in San Jose, Calif. After graduating in 1988, he moved to Los Angeles where he went on to pursue a career in acting. In addition to portrayi... more

Sons of Anarchy: 6 TV Shows That Deserve Prequel Stories News | TVBuzer

6 TV Shows That Deserve Prequel Stories

With so many reboots and revivals in the works, so many shows are focused on starting over or continuing stories we saw end. Both of these can be fun to watch, but why aren't we also looking at shows that we wanted more history from? The beauty of a prequel over a reboot is that a prequel can fill in the missing gaps of a show, while a reboot often takes away from the plot of its source material.  Some shows allude to so much during their story that we never see, that we often feel cheated. As good as the show itself may be, we wish that more o... more

Sons of Anarchy: Casting Bits: Matt Cedeno Joins 'The Originals,' 3 New Faces on 'HTGAWM' and More News | TVBuzer

Casting Bits: Matt Cedeno Joins 'The Originals,' 3 New Faces on 'HTGAWM' and More

The Originals, How to Get Away With Murder and New Girl are just a few of the latest television shows to add some new names to their rosters. Get all the details about new characters and who will be playing them in the latest casting roundup. Jonathan Silverman ... more


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