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Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, Snowpiercer centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, with 1001 cars, that circles the globe.
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Snowpiercer: SEASON 1, EPISODE 10: 994 Cars Long | TVBuzer

Aired: July 12,2020

In the revolution's aftermath, Layton and Melanie realize the greatest threat to their survival is right over their shoulder.... more

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These Are His Revolutions

War is an agent of change. Always chaotic, usually destructive, sometimes justified, rarely fair. Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 8 delivers the conflict we knew was coming -- the revolt from The Tail -- wrapped into a situation that has the potential to be far more deadly -- the power struggle in First Class. The unique nature of fighting a war that can only move in two directions -- uptrain or downtrain -- makes for particularly brutal clashes and some damned fine ingenuity.... more

The Universe is Indifferent

Let's talk voiceovers. I'm curious about who gets to be the opening voiceover in each episode and what it signifies. On Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 7, the opening monologue is given by LJ, who, despite killing THREE Third Class citizens is still able to hang out in the Night Car and watch the show without the staff poisoning or shivving her at the first opportunity. To be human is to be self-involved. Everyone believes that they're the center of the universe. ... more

Trouble Comes Sideways

There's no mistaking it. Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 6 was a clear change in speed (no pun intended, but it's valid) and focus. With the murderer unmasked and the trial at its ignoble conclusion, we've pivoted properly to a tale of survival. There are dangers posed both externally, by the uninhabitable environment and its effects on the train, and internally, by the class conflict. This, specifically, is a Cavill-centered plot, beginning to end. As ... more



Snowpiercer: Snowpiercer Recap: Justice Derailed? News | TVBuzer

Snowpiercer Recap: Justice Derailed?

This week on TNT’s Snowpiercer, the thirdies lobbied to have a say in LJ Folger’s trial, though an unforeseen twist threatened to derail justice. Meanwhile, Josie sneaked up-train again, unprepared for what she would find. With LJ about to be tried for the murder of not one but two third-class passengers, Miss Audrey of the Night Car whipped out a binder of bylaws and argued to Melanie that there could and should be one passenger from all three classes on the ... more

Snowpiercer: Snowpiercer Recap: Where's the Beef? News | TVBuzer

Snowpiercer Recap: Where's the Beef?

This week on TNT’s Snowpiercer, as the tail paid a “significant” price for the attempted insurrection, Layton started rounding up clues as he continued to navigate up-train. With rough weather brewing but Melanie refusing to decrease speed, things started off a bit icy between Layton and Till, whom he had clocked in the course of saving her life as a hostage. Leaving the breachmen’s office to head to third class, Layton took notice of a tailie working sanitation deta... more

Snowpiercer: 'Snowpiercer' TV Series Finally Gets Its TNT Premiere Date - TCA News | TVBuzer

'Snowpiercer' TV Series Finally Gets Its TNT Premiere Date - TCA

t’s been a long, slow ride, but TNT’s series adaptation of Snowpiercer finally is on track to make its debut. Starring Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs, it will arrive at the WarnerMedia cable outlet at 9 p.m. Sunday, May 31. Check out a new teaser above and the key art below. Today’s premiere-date announcement at&nb... more


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  • Level 5
    Really enjoying all the facets of this program. It's a thriller, a mystery, utopian sci-fi, family show... I definitely hope it keeps going on. 5*****


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