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Each episode of this true-crime reality series examines a different felon, usually a female, who has committed murder or attempted murder. The victim is usually the perpetrator's partner. The documentary-style series features interviews with friends and family members of the accused and victims, law-enforcement officials, attorneys and other people with first-hand knowledge of more
...the cases.
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Snapped Episode Guide


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AIRED ON October 18,2020

Season 28: Episode 7


  • Season 28
    • CURRENT EPISODE AIRED 10/18/20 AT 06:00 PM ON Oxygen

      Snapped Season 28 Episode 7: Debra Henderson | TVBuzer
      A shot at love brings an Oklahoma woman to rural Texas, but her quick disappearance has investigators following a paper trail that will expo...
    • 10/11/20
      After a successful attorney is brutally murdered outside of his own office, investigators uncover a maze of obsession and jealousy that lead...
    • Letti Strait
      Episode 5
      Questions about a Kansas City man's ties to the mafia are raised when he is found shot to death in his own home, but a closer inspection rev...
    • 09/27/20
      When the body of a beloved father is discovered abandoned in a South Carolina home, detectives uncover a toxic love affair with deadly conse...
    • 09/20/20
      The identity of a Jane Doe found dead in a New Jersey park holds the key to unraveling a tangled web of fraud and murder that spanned years ...
    • 09/13/20
      Death hits close to home when a Mississippi father of four is brutally killed on his own front porch. Soon a mother and son turn against one...
    • Karina Rafter
      Episode 1
      While investigating the tragic murder of a devoted father in Virginia, detectives must work their way through several disturbing theories an...
  • Season 27
    • Sante Kimes
      Episode 26
      The mysterious disappearance of an elderly New York socialite is the catalyst for the nationwide investigation into an unusual con duo, who ...
    • William Rouse
      Episode 25
      The truth behind the brutal deaths of a prominent and wealthy couple in Libertyville, Ill., remains dormant until 15 years later when a new ...
    • 08/16/20
      When a successful Texas lawyer and his wife are executed while sleeping in their bed, Houston police team up with a private investigator, wh...
    • 08/09/20
      An investigation into the murder of a New York business man zeroes in on a family member unwilling to give up their plush lifestyle launchin...
    • 08/02/20
      The American Dream for a hard-working immigrant is suddenly cut short, when he is violently murdered with a hatchet in the streets of a Las ...
    • Olicia Lee
      Episode 21
      A former ladies man has a change of heart when he falls for a pious daycare worker, but when his body is found floating in a creek, detectiv...
    • Annette Cahill
      Episode 20
      The deadly beating of a young man in West Liberty, Iowa sits unsolved for twenty-five years, until cold case detectives are approached by an...
    • Janice Bonnell
      Episode 19
      Sleepy Seadrift Texas is unnerved by the death of a local landscaper after evidence at the scene of an apparent hit-and-run points to a dece...
    • Dayna Jennings
      Episode 18
      When a beloved grandfather in Federal Heights, Colorado vanishes without a trace, the ensuing investigation exposes disturbing secrets that ...
    • Nena Bolton
      Episode 17
      Small town McNeil, Arkansas is grief-stricken after a retired Sheriff's Deputy is suddenly shot to death, but just when the case appears to ...
    • 06/21/20
      After a family man is gunned down on the side of the road in a small Texas town, detectives unearth a perpetrator who's hiding more than one...
    • 06/14/20
      As Pennsylvania police investigate the gruesome murder of a grandmother in her own home, detectives sort through a webs of lies and nefariou...
    • Suze Adams
      Episode 14
      After a hardworking mother is trapped and killed in a California house fire, investigators sift through multiple theories to figure out who ...
    • Marie Hilley
      Episode 13
      After a bizarre account of suspected false identity is reported, authorities uncover a long history of an evasive criminal and launch a nati...
    • Mary Bruno
      Episode 12
      The peaceful life of a retired North Carolina couple is shattered when a husband's body is found in his own garage, leaving investigators to...
    • 05/17/20
      When a small town preacher is hospitalized with a mysterious illness, North Carolina police uncover a string of suspicious deaths all center...
    • 05/10/20
      When an airman from Lee, Maine vanishes only four months into his marriage to a country girl from West Texas, it triggers a multi-agency inv...
    • Sylvia White
      Episode 9
      When a prominent insurance salesman is gunned down on a country road in Kinston, North Carolina, a 20-year-old secret comes to light and cas...
    • Kayla Nelson
      Episode 8
      An investigation into the disappearance of a devoted father leads Arkansas police to a shocking crime scene, the search for answers reveals ...
    • 04/19/20
      A killer escapes his past and finds a new hunting ground in a city of dreamers. In 2019, after a decades long hunt across four police depart...
    • Jamie Grachek
      Episode 6
      A home invasion quickly turns fatal on Easter night, and as Ohio authorities work to find the assailant, they discover that the attack may n...
    • Judith Singer
      Episode 5
      After a young California father is ambushed on the steps of his own home, Santa Clara detectives uncover a complex murder plot that ultimate...
    • Rebecca Smith
      Episode 4
      When the half-dressed, partially frozen body of a Navy veteran is found lying in a ditch, rumors and lies will challenge detectives' efforts...
    • 03/22/20
      When a wrathful killer strikes a small Alaskan village, investigators must untangle a truly twisted romance to find out what led to this rag...
    • 03/15/20
      Indiana investigators learn just how manipulative and deadly a person's envy can be, when a devoted father is found violently murdered in hi...
    • Jaclyn Martin
      Episode 1
      When Jaclyn Martin's life of comfort is jeopardized, she orchestrates the killing of her husband, a beloved neighborhood bar owner....
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