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Superman's teen years as Clark Kent find him agonizing over his shy, uncertain persona while dealing with his evolving powers and an infatuation with classmate Lana Lang.
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Smallville: SEASON 10, EPISODE 21: Finale | TVBuzer

Aired: May 13,2011

The story of Clark Kent culminates in this epic two-hour series finale as Clark takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel. With surprise guest appearances, nods to the first few seasons of the series and Michael Rosenbaum's return as Lex Luthor, this final episode wraps up a decade-long story following one man's journey to becoming the world... more

Smallville LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer



I’ll just come right out and say it. "Prophecy" wasn’t a favorite episode of mine. Why? Well, I just do not understand how a strong, powerful woman like Lois Lane could be so easily influenced by Toyman. Even if she has a tracker inhibiting her actions. It really felt like an unnecessary plot contrivance to me. Set up only to push Lois’ mounting cold feet over the edge because she feels like she’s Clark’s biggest weakness. While there’s nothing w... more

Superman Will Kill Us All

A lot can happen in Metropolis in just three weeks.  While it takes methat long to find my keys, Smallville season 9 picks up just threeshort weeks after the end of last year, and everything is different. Clark is dead, replaced by a trenchcoat-wearing vigilante, Chloe isarmed and dangerous, Lois finally comes back from her time travelvacation, Tess is a prisoner in her own home and Oliver is engaged n inthe most homoerotic fight club since, well, Fight Club.However, al... more


As Clark and Lois go to check out the dam, Clark tells her that he doesn’t plan to stay in Smallville once Lana’s funeral is done. Before Lois can pursue the matter, they spot what appears to be some kind of spacecraft. Pieces of kryptonite are scattered around the area and Clark hangs back. Lois goes in closer but a mysterious blonde woman appears at superspeed. She knocks Lois back, crushes her cell phone, and then tells them to stay away. She knocks Clark back and tells him and Lois to leave, then ... more



Smallville: Is It Time for The CW to Reboot 'Smallville'? News | TVBuzer

Is It Time for The CW to Reboot 'Smallville'?

When Supergirl soared from CBS to The CW, it joined fellow DC Comics superhero series Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Before all of these series, however, The CW was home to the hugely successful 10-season run of Smallville more

Smallville: 16 TV Characters Who Were Brought Back from the Dead News | TVBuzer

16 TV Characters Who Were Brought Back from the Dead

These days, the death of a major character on a TV show is met equal parts remorse and suspicion. It's become a pretty common plot device for a TV show to shock audiences by suddenly killing off a very substantial character completely out of nowhere. They then leave fans to stew over that death for a while (whether for a couple of episodes, a whole summer, or even a full season) and then display the twist that said character is actually alive.  Let's look back on some of these big characters that we've had to say goodbye to, only to fin... more

Smallville: 'Supergirl' Spoilers: New Villains, Kara's Return to Krypton and More! News | TVBuzer

'Supergirl' Spoilers: New Villains, Kara's Return to Krypton and More!

One of the most fascinating aspects of Supergirl are the villains. During the TCA Winter Press Tour, critics visited the Supergirl sets to talk to the show's producers and cast. They used the opportunity to tease some upcoming storylines and introduce new villains visiting National City. Winn's Past Revealed Kara's good friend and co-worker seems as normal as they come, but that view ... more


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    Just started watching this show , 2 months and already at season 9 , THE SHOW IS AMAZING!


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