Sleepy Hollow

Aired: Jan 20, 2017 , Friday at 21:00 on FOX


Episode Summary: When one of Crane's greatest foes comes to town to threaten the safety of Washington's highest officials, the team must work quickly to find a solution. Jake's extensive knowledge of the tunnels becomes an important piece of the puzzle as they uncover a secret from the past that could lead to answers.
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FOX Cancels 'Sleepy Hollow' After 4 Seasons

FOX is cleaning house, and that means there will be no more Ichabod Crane. After four seasons, the network has cancelled the supernatural procedural Sleepy Hollow. The drama started strong, developing a cult following, but viewership slowly dwindled. The decision to kill off the female lead at the end of season 3 drew criticism, and season 4 saw another ratings drops. The season 4 finale, which is now the series finale, was the least-watched episode of the series with just 1.72 mi... more

'Sleepy Hollow' Releases Character Details of the New Female Lead -- Here's Who We Think Should Play Her

Sleepy Hollow is going on with the show without Abbie. Now that Nicole Beharie has officially exited the series in the season 3 finale, Sleepy Hollow is casting its next female lead. TVLine has released the character description for the "new Abbie" and it sounds like she will have an even more contentious relationship with Ichabod. The next female lead of more

FOX Renews 'Sleepy Hollow' for Season 4

Abbie Mills may be gone, but Ichabod Crane's fight will continue. FOX has officially renewed Sleepy Hollow for a fourth season. The low-rated Sleepy Hollow was moved to Fridays, but that didn't kill it off. Besides Bones, which is heading into its final season, Sleepy Hollow is... more


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