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A bunch of single parents band together to help a 30-something guy who's been so focused on raising his 7-year-old daughter that he's sacrificed his personal life.
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Single Parents Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Single Parents Episode Guide


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AIRED ON November 06,2019

Season 2: Episode 7

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AIRS ON November 20,2019

Season 2: Episode 8


  • Season 2
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 11/20/19 AT 09:30 PM ON ABC

      Single Parents Season 2 Episode 8: Every Thursday Should Be Like This | TVBuzer

      Single Parents Season 2 Episode 7: Xander and Camille | TVBuzer
      When the smooth-talking ladies' man, Xander, from Angie's one night stand turns out to be connected to the group in an unexpected way, she s...
    • 10/30/19
      It's Halloween night at Hilltop Elementary and the kids head to the school for a spooky celebration with Douglas. Will struggles with whethe...
    • Sport
      Episode 5
      Will is excited to become the coach of Sophie's soccer team; Douglas and Angie attempt to navigate what their friendship looks like now that...
    • 10/16/19
      Angie enlists Will to help her get the house back together; Poppy discovers that Douglas is lying to her about a weekly poker game he must a...
    • Derek Sucks
      Episode 3
      Angie is sent into a tailspin when her long-absent ex-boyfriend Derek suddenly appears on her doorstep; Angie asks Will and Miggy for help b...
    • Will feels like everything is changing as Sophie returns home from camp a seemingly different person. Miggy gets a new temp job at Angie's l...
    • 09/25/19
      The kids are away for the summer, and the gang looks forward to their freedom; Angie obsesses over writing the world's longest email to her ...
  • Season 1
    • Ketchup
      Episode 23
      After learning that Angie's ex, Derek, lives near Space Camp, Will convinces Angie to confront him about leaving her when she was pregnant, ...
    • 05/01/19
      After Will realizes he forgot to send in Sophie's deposit for space camp, he must woo the owner of the company, Lance Bass, in order to get ...
    • JOUST!
      Episode 21
      Angie and Will dive headfirst into binge-watching a show called "JOUST!" together, but when Will starts to date someone new and ditches his ...
    • Raining Blood
      Episode 20
      To celebrate Angie's 30th birthday, Will throws a big party recreating Ozzfest, which Angie missed in her 20s. When Angie assumes Owen plann...
    • When no one bids on "Lunch with KZOP's Will Cooper" at the school auction, Poppy and Sophie scheme together to recruit Dr. Biscuits to bid o...
    • In a magical encounter at the Bachelor mansion, Chris Harrison bestows his wisdom on a frustrated Poppy and Angie, attempting to restore the...
    • 02/27/19
      Seeing that baby Jack is about to walk for the first time, Miggy feels old and tries to recapture his youth by throwing an epic party. When ...
    • 02/20/19
      When Poppy's ex-husband, Ron, gets serious with his latest girlfriend, Poppy has to deal with the reality of another woman helping to raise ...
    • Douglas agrees to babysit the kids on Valentine's Day, but when Graham finds himself in a Valentine's Day emergency and Big Red shows up una...
    • The Shed
      Episode 14
      Douglas discovers that Emma is a math genius and is overwhelmed with how much time he has to spend to treat his daughters as individuals for...
    • Will wants to get back together with Mia, but as their relationship progresses, he finds himself having to choose between the "normal" famil...
    • When Will's ex, Mia, shows up unexpectedly for Sophie's birthday, Will gets frustrated that she undermines his rules with Sophie. Angie trie...
    • 01/09/19
      Will decides to audition for his dream job as an on-camera weatherman, but in order to succeed, he needs a little help from Miggy, Poppy and...
    • The Magic Box
      Episode 10
      When Owen shows up unexpectedly on Christmas Eve with a gift for Angie, she desperately seeks out help from Will finding a present for Owen ...
    • Will is thrilled to throw the first-grade parent social so that he can use this event to springboard his anti-smartphone platform to get par...
    • The Beast
      Episode 8
      Will encourages Angie to rediscover her passion for heavy metal music by taking a guitar class, and in turn, Angie insists that Will get bac...
    • When Graham and Rory are cast in their school's production of "Grease," with Graham as the lead and Rory with a lesser known part, Poppy and...
    • Lettuce
      Episode 6
      Will hits it off with Angie and Graham's pediatrician, Dr. Dewan, but Angie worries he'll ruin Graham's chances of getting on the Mist List ...
    • Will is crushed when Sophie wants to tone down Halloween and invites a boy over. Poppy and the twins attempt to convince a reluctant Douglas...
    • 10/17/18
      After scolding Miggy for not being able to sleep-train baby Jack, Angie and Douglas engage in a competition to see who can sleep-train the b...
    • After seeing the way Douglas and the twins are barely affected by the death of their guinea pig, Pickle, Poppy encourages Douglas to stop re...
    • 10/03/18
      Douglas is stuck hosting the kids' Saturday sleepover, and Will uses this as an opportunity to try to bond with Douglas, something he hasn't...
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      Will Cooper has been so focused on raising his daughter, Sophie, he's lost sight of who he is as a man and has headed deep into the parental...
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