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Significant Mother centers on budding Portland restaurateur Nate , whose world is turned upside-down when he returns home from a business trip to find his lothario best friend and roommate, Jimmy, dating his recently separated mother, Lydia. To make matters worse, Nate's previously disinterested dad, Harrison is now determined to win Lydia back.
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Significant Mother: SEASON 1, EPISODE 9: Not About Bob | TVBuzer

Aired: October 05,2015

Nate aks Same and Atticus to help convince Jimmy that he made a mistake; Lydia considers advice from her boss; Harrison has a realization about his marriage to Lydia.... more

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Mixed Doubles

Charming. That may seem an odd way to describe a comedy that’s premise is about a mother sleeping with her adult son’s best friend, and yet…I find Significant Mother oddly charming.  That has a lot to do with Krista Allen, who plays Lydia (the mom), who is sexy and fun and completely adorable. Lydia isn’t just Nate’s mother whose hooking up with her son’s roommate; she’s a woman who just had a 26-year marriage crumble and is finding out who she is now that she’s ... more

Doing the Hokey Pokey

How does doing the Hokey Pokey get you pregnant? Ask Jimmy. He’ll explain it on Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 3. Trust me, you’ll never hear that song the same way again.  It all started off with Wash and Dry Wednesday. Normally, I think a grown man going home to his mother’s to do his laundry is kind of pathetic, but Nate and Lydia actually made it look cute, almost a bonding experience. What I really want to know is why Nate decided to name his teddy ... more

Edibles Wrecks

I will admit that I feel wholly inadequate reviewing Significant Mother Season 1 Episode 4 because (and I’m embarrassed to say this) I’ve never watched “Weekend at Bernie’s.”  It seems almost impossible considering I was a teenager working at a movie theater at the time it premiered, yet somehow, I missed it.  Thankfully, the film is enough of a pop culture icon that I still think I can do “Edibles Wrecks” some justice. Let’s see if you agr... more



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