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In a steamy new drama, Jennifer Lopez stars as sexy New York detective and single mother Harlee Santos, who fell in with a tight-knit group of dirty cops, taking bribes and protection money that she uses to provide the best life for her honest, talented daughter. But when she's trapped by the FBI and forced to inform on her own "brothers", she'll have to walk the fine line betw more
...een love, loyalty, honor and betrayal, and try to keep it together for her daughter's future.
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Shades of Blue Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Shades of Blue Episode Guide



  • Season 3
    • By Virtue Fall
      Episode 10
      Harlee faces a police commission as Wozniak and the crew scramble to help her from the outside....
    • 08/12/18
      Harlee uncovers a betrayal. Cole tries to avoid Ramsey's reach. Wozniak attempts to negotiate with the intelligence unit....
    • Cry Havoc
      Episode 8
      Wozniak enlists the crew to make a dangerous move against the Intelligence unit as Harlee struggles to stay on her new path....
    • 07/29/18
      Harlee fights a frame job as Wozniak tries to keep Bennett behind bars....
    • The Reckoning
      Episode 6
      Harlee and Wozniak try to link the intelligence unit to the cartel while facing the consequences of breaking the blue wall....
    • The Blue Wall
      Episode 5
      Harlee discovers that the intelligence unit's involvement in criminal enterprises goes deeper than she thought. Ramsey strikes back. Tufo pu...
    • 07/08/18
      Harlee focuses her sights on taking down the intelligence unit. Stahl's continued obsession brings him closer to New York. Wozniak uses Wall...
    • 07/01/18
      Harlee questions her own sanity as Wozniak keeps secrets from those closest to him. Loman intimidates a witness....
    • 06/24/18
      Dealing with a loss, Harlee pursues evidence of a higher level of corruption within the NYPD. Wozniak tries to protect Harlee and his crew f...
    • Good Police
      Episode 1
      Harlee and Wozniak, still dealing with the fallout from their near death experiences, discover a grisly crime scene riddled with mystery....
  • Season 2
    • Broken Dolls
      Episode 13
      In a dramatic confrontation, Wozniak faces the ally who betrayed him and makes his most difficult choice yet. Meanwhile, Stahl's fanatical p...
    • 05/21/17
      Harlee helps Nava cover his tracks after a violent encounter, revealing a side of herself Nava's never seen before and putting their relatio...
    • 05/14/17
      Harlee and Wozniak lead the crew on a dangerous mission to heist Bianchi's secret ledger and take down the mobster once and for all. But the...
    • 05/07/17
      Harlee and Wozniak lead a manhunt for the gunmen who ambushed the crew and unearth the key to taking down Bianchi. The crew bands together a...
    • 04/30/17
      Harlee makes the chilling discovery that someone is texting Cristina as her dead ex, "Miguel." The case of a missing kid leads Wozniak to un...
    • Unpaid Debts
      Episode 8
      Wozniak goes after Bianchi for breaking their agreement. Harlee seizes the opportunity to unite the team around an illegal mission to repay ...
    • 04/16/17
      Following Harlee's brave confession to the entire crew that she has been informing for the FBI, the team grapples with Harlee and Wozniak's ...
    • Fracture
      Episode 6
      Harlee and Wozniak investigate Caroline's (Nava's ex-fiancee) murder, putting Harlee and Nava's relationship in an awkward place because she...
    • 04/02/17
      The mafia seeks revenge on Harlee by framing her for murder. As Harlee works against the clock - and her own crew - to cover her tracks, Woz...
    • Daddy's Girl
      Episode 4
      Realizing that Stahl will stop at nothing to arrest Julia Ayres, Harlee decides to investigate on her own and determine whether there's any ...
    • Ghost Hunt
      Episode 3
      After Wozniak refuses to play ball with the FBI, Stahl turns up the heat on Harlee who lands in the middle of Wozniak's dangerous plan to fr...
    • 03/12/17
      Following Wozniak's discovery that Stahl's target is his close friend and Mayoral Candidate, Julia Ayers, Wozniak launches an all-out war wi...
    • Unforgiven
      Episode 1
      In the second season opener, Harlee Santos takes drastic measures to cover up the murder of her abusive ex, Miguel. Lieutenant Matt Wozniak ...
  • Season 1
  • Special
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