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When former college acquaintance Chantal goes missing, five self-absorbed 20-somethings get entangled in the ominous mystery of her disappearance. Leading the search party is Dory, a lifelong doormat who works as a rich housewife's assistant. Dory makes it her personal mission to find Chantal and she's bringing her friends into the investigation with her. Self-diagnosed narciss more Elliott, who puts his ego aside to help Dory, is particularly good at detective work. Bubbly actress Portia excels at chatting up suspects for information because of her desperate need to be in the spotlight. Sheltered Drew has to grow a spine to help solve the mystery and save his deteriorating relationship with Dory. Dory's ex-boyfriend Julian seeks the truth because of his background as a journalist.
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Search Party Episode Guide



  • Season 3
    • The Reckoning
      Episode 10
      It's the tensest day of the gang's lives as the jury deliberates over Dory and Drew's fate....
    • 06/25/20
      Alarming evidence surfaces that potentially obliterates Dory and Drew's chances of being acquitted. Elliott confronts his roots, and Portia ...
    • 06/25/20
      As the gang tries their best to put aside their differences at Elliott and Marc's epic wedding, Dory can't help but feel wary that a threate...
    • Rogue Witness
      Episode 7
      Elliott takes the stand to testify for the defense. Portia's faith deepens, as does her bond with her new Christian friends. Drew makes a da...
    • 06/25/20
      While Dory and Drew face their grueling first day in court, which begins with damning testimony from Portia, Elliott plays with fire by appe...
    • Public Appeal
      Episode 5
      Dory enlists her family to join her for a melodramatic TV interview, where they give the performance of a lifetime. Portia bonds with her ne...
    • 06/25/20
      The media can't get enough of this salacious case, and Dory is starting to enjoy the attention. Meanwhile, Drew addresses the skeletons in h...
    • 06/25/20
      Given the mountains of evidence against them, Dory, Drew, and their uninspiring legal team struggle to come up with a half-decent defense st...
    • 06/25/20
      Pandemonium breaks loose when an anonymous tip is leaked to the press. Dory and Drew lawyer up, while Elliott and Portia head for the hills....
    • 06/25/20
      Dory's arrested and the friends are spiraling. What do they do now? Are the cops coming for them next? And more importantly, which one of th...
  • Season 2
    • Psychosis
      Episode 10
      The gang ties up loose ends before facing the reality that they might go to jail by midnight, leaving it up to Dory to figure something out....
    • Frenzy
      Episode 9
      The gang must get $60,000 to their blackmailer; Joy follows Fat Franky around town, which doesn't end as suspected....
    • Hysteria
      Episode 8
      Dory and Drew receive a visit from Officer Joy Hartman, make a shocking discovery, meet up with Elliott, and make it to Portia's play on tim...
    • Denial
      Episode 7
      Dory drops in on Keith's funeral; Drew investigates the threatening flowers left at his work; Portia severs ties with her mother; Elliot end...
    • Obsession
      Episode 6
      As Elliott descends into insanity, the gang turns their back on Dory, who begins working with Julian at a political campaign....
    • Paranoia
      Episode 5
      The gang gets invited to Chappaqua, where they receive the key to the city for finding Chantal; a police officer named Joy begins to uncover...
    • Suspicion
      Episode 4
      The friends make choices fueled by paranoia; Keith's ex-wife confronts Dory; Portia gets cast in a play about the Manson murders; Drew begin...
    • Paralysis
      Episode 3
      Life after murder proves to be harder than expected as the friends readjust to their superficial Brooklyn lives....
    • Conspiracy
      Episode 2
      The gang goes on a mission to cover up Keith's semi-accidental murder and return Chantal to her family, with a few major roadblocks along th...
    • Murder!
      Episode 1
      After finding Chantal and killing the not-so-villainous Keith, the gang is faced with the horrifying task of trying to bury a body before th...
  • Season 1
  • Special
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