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The lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high-stakes missions our country can ask.
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Seal Team Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Seal Team Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 07,2021

Season 4: Episode 11

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Season 4: Episode 12


  • Season 4
    • TBA
      Episode 16
    • TBA
      Episode 15
    • 05/12/21
    • Do No Harm
      Episode 13
      Bravo is tasked with bringing a defecting Boko Haram lieutenant into U.S. custody, but the mission goes sideways when the target gets attack...
    • NEXT EPISODE AIRS 04/21/21 AT 09:00 PM ON CBS

      Seal Team Season 4 Episode 12: Rearview Mirror | TVBuzer
      Jason's visit with a former teammate causes him to reevaluate his role as team leader. Several Bravo members grapple with their personal rel...

      Seal Team Season 4 Episode 11: Limits of Loyalty | TVBuzer
      Jason is put on trial with a potential career-ending outcome, without knowing if his closest friend has his back. Stella moves in with Clay....
    • 03/24/21
      Jason's career and freedom hang in the balance when Command accuses him of committing a horrific crime during a mission. With Bravo under a ...
    • Reckoning
      Episode 9
      As Ray continues to lead the mission in Syria, the stakes grow higher when members of Bravo team learn the truth about their target....
    • 03/03/21
      When Jason returns to Bravo, tensions rise as Ray outranks him on a mission to recover military drones in Syria. Sonny receives surprising n...
    • All In
      Episode 7
      As Bravo continues grappling with major changes, the team spins up on a mission in Ecuador. Natalie presents a life-changing idea to Jason....
    • 01/27/21
      As Ensign Davis tracks Ray's location to a shipping container in the Mediterranean Ocean, Bravo team becomes increasingly desperate to rescu...
    • 01/13/21
      With no leads on Ray's whereabouts, Jason pushes Bravo team to extreme lengths and considers crossing a dangerous line to help locate their ...
    • Shockwave
      Episode 4
      When Warrant Officer Ray Perry goes missing following an explosion in Tunisia, his former teammates wrestle with how to help their brother a...
    • 12/09/20
      Bravo Team struggles to adjust to a new team dynamic after several members make life-altering career decisions,...
    • 12/02/20
      Bravo Team reunites with Jason and Cerberus, then go underground to search booby-trapped tunnels for terrorist leader Al-Hazred....
    • 12/02/20
      Bravo Team enters enemy territory in the snowy Spin Ghar Mountain Range to capture Al-Hazred, the leader of a terrorist group and son of the...
  • Season 3
    • 05/06/20
      Jason escorts Mandy on a condolence visit to the family of a fallen informant. Ray leads Bravo on an urgent mission when they are confronted...
    • In the Blind
      Episode 19
      Bravo Team gets ambushed by enemy forces during a mission to extract a potential link to a new terrorist leader. Sonny considers planting ro...
    • 04/22/20
      Bravo Team searches for a new terrorist group leader who is orchestrating violent resistance to peace negotiations in Afghanistan. Clay lear...
    • Drawdown
      Episode 17
      Bravo Team begins their deployment in Afghanistan during peace negotiations; Sonny reports to an Air Force base in Texas to serve his discip...
    • 03/25/20
      Tensions flare on the home front, as Sonny faces disciplinary action, Clay considers a new career path and Jason faces pressure from Capt. L...
    • 03/18/20
      While Bravo Team is on a special reconnaissance mission abroad, they are diverted to protect a group of American engineers and the dam they ...
    • 03/11/20
      Bravo Team travels overseas for a foreign training exercise to disguise their true mission - to rescue a high-value target that is being hel...
    • Fog of War
      Episode 13
      Following a mission failure, Bravo Team conducts a high-stakes After Action Review to identify who's responsible for a possible career-endin...
    • 02/26/20
      Amid several life-altering moments on the home front, Bravo Team travels overseas to extract a CIA agent who is being held hostage. As the s...
    • 02/26/20
      Amid several life-altering moments on the home front, Bravo Team travels overseas to extract a CIA agent who is being held hostage. As the s...
    • 12/11/19
      Jason leads Bravo Team on his first mission back following surgery. Ensign Davis faces disciplinary action....
    • Kill or Cure
      Episode 9
      Bravo team is on a mission to protect aid convoys in an Ebola hot zone after a warlord steals preserved samples of the virus that can be wea...
    • 11/27/19
      While Jason is sidelined with an injury, Ray takes over as Bravo 1 and leads the team on a mission to rescue a marine pilot who was shot dow...
    • 11/20/19
      As Jason contemplates surgery for an injury, Bravo Team is on a mission abroad to help the secret service prevent a sniper attack on U.S. di...
    • While on a mission abroad to protect U.S. ambassador Nicole Marsden, Bravo Team must fight off enemy attackers trying to infiltrate their co...
    • Jason pleads to be sent to help Ray and Clay, who are abroad on a mission to protect a U.S. ambassador when their compound is attacked....
    • 10/23/19
      Tensions boil over among Bravo members when they disagree while training for a mission, and Jason must select a new candidate to join the te...
    • 10/16/19
      Bravo Team is on a mission in Azerbaijan to help retake a power plant in order to avoid political instability in the area....
    • 10/09/19
      Bravo Team continues their mission in Serbia to track down an organization linked to the bombing of multiple American military outposts. Hay...
    • 10/02/19
      Jason Hayes leads the team on a mission in Serbia to track down an organization linked to the bombing of multiple American military outposts...
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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