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Failure is not an option for the Navy SEALs - the world’s most elite, special ops forces. In this action-packed new drama, these stealthy and fearless warriors conduct high-risk clandestine missions against impossible odds. And when they return to the home front they face stress of a different nature. Keeping secrets, deploying at a moment’s notice, and the knowledge that each more
...assignment could be their last takes a toll on them and their families. But their unbreakable oath and patriotism compel them to persevere.
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Seal Team: SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: Prisoner's Dilemma | TVBuzer

Aired: December 12,2018

The hunt for Andres Doza comes to a head when the SEAL Team makes one last ditch effort to find and capture the leader of one of the most powerful and lethal drug cartels in Mexico.... more



Why Is Ray Suffering a Crisis of Morality?

SEAL Team moves on to the search for the man behind Salim Hakan's murder in the episode titled "Takedown." While Mandy uses her journalist connection to spread fake news, Ray goes undercover on an extremely dangerous mission. There's also an Army investigator in looking for information out a grenade that killed a non-combatant 10-year-old boy.Making People Believe the Sniper Is Still AliveBravo Team is busying itself with fake raids. The aim is to make the local people believe th... more

Who Is the Sniper's Target?

SEAL Team takes a short break in the search for the man responsible for the deaths of Echo Team. Bravo Team have a delegation of politicians to protect, who refuse to call off their tour around Jalalabad despite the confirmed threat against them. Opening with a sniper in Afghanistan, it's clear that "Credible Threat" is going to be a tense episode.SEAL Team starts with Mandy handing over her paperwork about Salim Hakan. There's enough evidence to show that he's killing Americans and wa... more

A Police Chief's Wife and a Human Trafficker?

Jason and company continue their search for the man responsible for the deaths of Echo Team on this episode of SEAL Team, titled "In Name Only." While that happens, Jason has to figure out what his relationship with Amy really is and Mandy has to figure out a way to prove Salim Hakan, the police inspector, is dirty. Bravo Team go on a mission to take down a human trafficker, but things don't quite go as planned.Setting Up the MissionThings pick up almost immediately from the prev... more



Seal Team: SEAL TEAM Season 1 DVD Release Details News | TVBuzer

SEAL TEAM Season 1 DVD Release Details

Title: SEAL Team: Season One Format: DVD Description: SEAL Team is a new military drama that follows the professional and personal lives of the most elite unit of Navy SEALs as they train, plan and execute the most dangerous, high stakes missions our country can ask of them. Jason Hayes is the respected, intense leader of the Tier One team whose home life has suffered as a result of his extensive warrior’s existence. His team includes his trusted confidant, Ray Perry, the longest-tenured operator with whom... more

Seal Team: Why Mandy Did the Right Thing on 'SEAL Team' News | TVBuzer

Why Mandy Did the Right Thing on 'SEAL Team'

Mandy burned her relationship with the journalist on SEAL Team during "Takedown." Putting the mission first, she gave Paul fake information that he could publish. While he knew he was somehow being played, he didn't expect his credibility to be ruined by her and he was, understandably, angry by the end of the episode. Now there's a debate over whether Mandy did the right thing putting the mission first. It's Always Mission First Mandy has always put the... more

Seal Team: Will Ray's Badly Thrown Grenade Come Back to Haunt Him on 'SEAL Team'? News | TVBuzer

Will Ray's Badly Thrown Grenade Come Back to Haunt Him on 'SEAL Team'?

Ray's shoulder injury came up again on  SEAL Team, after weeks of questioning if the storyline had been dropped. As Ray threw a grenade to take out the sniper, he failed to throw it far enough and it hit the side of a building. We never saw if anyone was around when the grenade exploded, but it looks like this badly thrown grenade could come back to haunt him. An Innocent Victim Caught in the Middle The promo for the next more


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  • Level 43
    10 minutes of this series was more than enough for me, i went /facepalm like 3 times in 5 minutes of how stupid it is.Trained people shooting automatic weapons with hundreds of bullets in the spawn of few seconds from short distance at the guys getting of that ship and nobody gets hit. Then when finally one gets hit another goes " hmz where's this blood coming from?" oh let's see maybe it is from the dead guy covered in blood right in front of you 1 feet from you mr expert highly trained seal with zero awareness. Dumb action, poor dialogs, no ty.


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